DITA Sunglasses

Everything You Need to Know About DITA Sunglasses

DITA sunglasses are handcrafted in Japan. They are known for offering luxurious protection from the sun while staying stylish. Choose from a plethora of styles, including polarized lenses and frames made from 18-karat gold.

What materials are DITA eye glasses made from?

DITA sunglasses are handcrafted in Japan and made with various materials designed to offer comfort and style.

  • Earpieces: Handmade and crafted from quality Japanese "zyl" acetate
  • Nose pads: Crafted from quality titanium
  • Lens: CR-39 polycarbonate lens with coating to reduce reflection
  • Frame: Premium titanium lenses
How to determine if you are buying authentic DITA sunglasses

There are many ways you can tell if you are buying authentic DITA sunglasses or not. Use this list to guide you through your next DITA sunglasses shopping experience:

  • Check the carrying case: This case is for the use of carrying the glasses and keeping them from damage while they are not being worn. The carrying case also has the DITA brand printed or stamped on its material.
  • Check the lens, nose pieces, and earpieces: Most of the time, sunglasses companies will add the logo or signature of the company onto either the nose piece, earpiece, or the lens as sort of a "watermark" to distinguish their authentic products.
What are some features of DITA sunglasses?

DITA eyewear crafts a variety of cutting edge, luxury sunglasses for different tastes and budgets. Choose polarized sunglasses made from colored lenses like red, blue, and silver. These polarized lenses are made in a way that keeps that glare and reflection of the sun out of your eyes and offers 100% protection from the sun. Not only do these sunglasses offer protection, but they are also luxurious in their own unique way, with frames made from 18 karat gold in some cases.

What styles of sunglasses does DITA make?

DITA makes different types of sunglasses to fit a variety of styles and needs. Styles range from aviator shape, cat eye, square shape, and thick-rimmed glasses. The frames are made with gold, titanium, or other materials, depending on the type of glasses you order. All of the sunglasses are made with CR-39 polycarbonate lens coating to reduce reflection.

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