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DEWALT Power Tools

A Quick Guide to DEWALT Power Tools

DEWALT is an American company that specializes in power tools and accessories designed for construction, manufacturing, and home use. Made for both professional and highly experienced users, DEWALT power tools combine power, speed, resilience, and high performance. Their use can range from personal projects to professional work-site applications.

What kind of products does the company offer?

DEWALT has created an extensive lineup of both corded and cordless tools, including impact drivers, grinders, nailers, saws, air compressors, polishers, lasers, multi-tools, hammers, and various hand tools, many of which are designed to operate in outdoor conditions. You can find affordable DEWALT drill bits, nails, saw blades, abrasives, fasteners, and other accessories on eBay. The company offers both standalone tools and entire tool kits that come with extra accessories and features. There is a new or pre-owned DEWALT tool for almost every kind of application or job.

In addition, you can purchase the DEWALT MAX line, which includes more than 100 products, is a completely cordless brand of power tools that allows for almost total freedom around the worksite for various projects. They are sold in 20-volt, 60-volt, and 120-volt varieties.

What is the DEWALT XR line?

The DEWALT XR is a line of heavy-duty power tools that features an advanced lithium-ion battery and a brushless motor design. To understand why a brushless motor offers a clear advantage over a brush motor, it is important to understand how a power tool motor functions. In order to keep torque output running at a consistent level, a typical motor needs to reverse current every time it rotates constantly. A "brush" is the electrical contacts positioned around the rotating ring that deliver the current. A brush is composed of a material-like, spring-loaded carbon.

A typical brushless motor, by contrast, has permanent magnets rotating around the ring, eliminating the problems of connecting a continuous current to a moving device. The rotation of the motor is controlled by a solid-state circuit. These motors thrive at delivering high torque, fast speeds, more reliability, and low noise levels. DEWALTs XR line of power tools also comes with numerous other improvements, including an improved ergonomic grip, cordless design, and bright light for working in dark areas. The XR tools deliver long running times.

What battery types come with DEWALT power tools?

On eBay, you can get lithium-ion (Li-Ion) or nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries for your DEWALT power tools. Both packs are compatible with specific DEWALT MAX cordless tools. Their batteries are packed with different features, including low self-discharge, an LED fuel gauge, and inventory management solutions. These batteries can be charged with a charging station or through a generator. You can purchase power tools with batteries included or just the power tools themselves.

What is the DEWALT Flexvolt?

The Flexvolt is a specific type of dual-voltage battery that powers the companys line of MAX cordless tools. Because the Flexvolt battery automatically changes voltage when you switch between tools, it is compatible with the entire lineup of 20-volt, 60-volt, and 120-volt tools. The Flexvolt batteries are designed for extended run times and uninhibited freedom around the worksite.

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