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Conquer Multitasking With PC2700 DDR-333 MHz RAM

No one likes it when their computer starts to slow down. When you're writing a document, preparing a presentation, and doing research on the internet, doing it all at the same time is when you need that extra bit of multitasking power the most. If you've been experiencing frequent slowdowns while multitasking, extra RAM, such as with PC2700 DDR-333 MHz memory, may be the answer you need.

What is SODIMM memory?

Short for Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module, SODIMM memory is a more compact form of Random Access Memory (RAM) for small profile devices and motherboards. Commonly used as laptop memory, these modules are also found in mini form-factor motherboards and other small systems. They can also frequently be found in other areas where space is at a premium like servers, routers, and other network devices.

How can you find the right RAM for your system?

The market for RAM has expanded to the point where there are many choices. Here are a few things you can look for when selecting yours:

  • Capacity: RAM comes in a huge range of sizes from megabytes scaling all the way into double-digit gigabytes. Your motherboard will determine the maximum capacity your system has for memory. Many users will want to consider purchasing the highest capacity memory available for their system.
  • Speed: How quickly your memory is able to communicate with your system's processor in order to perform tasks. Generally speaking, it's preferable to get the fastest memory available for your motherboard. You can find the speed listed in the name of the RAM by looking at the prefix — in this case, PC2700 — and MHz rating.
  • Compatibility: Your RAM will need to be compatible with your motherboard in order to function. Some motherboards, like those found on laptops, need physically smaller memory modules in order to fit. Double-check for compatibility with your system to be sure you get the right RAM.

What is PC2700 DDR RAM?

The first generation of double data rate memory, sticks of DDR SDRAM RAM follow an industry standard specification for memory. Short for Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory, it was the first widely available form of the now ubiquitous DDR standard and the follow up to SDRAM. This type of memory uses a special method of transferring data known as double pumping, allowing it to double data bandwidth without modifying clock frequency. DDR RAM comes in a variety of forms including ECC and non-ECC, buffered and unbuffered, DIMM, and smaller laptop memory modules.RAM is a volatile form of memory used to store actively used data while the system is powered on. Once the system is turned off, the information is wiped so that the memory can be used again the next time it is powered on. Information stored on RAM is used by the processor to perform tasks, reducing the amount of time needed to rapidly pull data for applications.

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