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DC Direct

DC Comics has a robust amount of collectibles and merchandise you can purchase under the banner of DC Direct (recently changed to DC Collectibles). Having been in operation since 1998, there's a large amount of merchandise to buy under this imprint. With a wide variety of different options to choose from, fans of all different characters and properties can find something special to own for themselves.

What kinds of collectibles does DC Direct make?

DC Direct sells a variety of collectibles under its banner. Toys are a major part of the Direct catalog, with action figures, replica props, and figures being some of the most common items available to fans and collectors. Large busts and statues are also something they make, as well as art prints, posters, and various other specialties for different DC Comics properties.

What kinds of characters have merchandise from DC Direct?

DC has a multitude of different characters, teams, and franchises represented among its merchandise. More well known characters like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the Justice League have many different variations to choose from, but other characters like Swamp Thing and Killer Moth also have their own figures.

Are only DC Comics characters made into Direct merchandise?

As the DC Comics umbrella is extremely broad now, reaching far beyond just the heroes and villains most associated with the name, DC Direct makes merchandise for a variety of other characters and series, too. In fact, the very first Direct merchandise were figures based on Mad Magazine characters in the 90s. In addition to DC heroes, you can also find characters from other series owned by Time Warner, such as Looney Tunes, as well as related comic imprints like WildStorm and Vertigo.

Does DC Direct make Watchmen toys?

Yes, Direct has made many toys and collectibles related to Alan Moore's comic Watchmen. In addition to merchandise made based on the original graphic novel, there are also action figures, statues, and replicas created for the movie adaption, the prequel comic series Before Watchmen, and the sequel miniseries Doomsday Clock crossing over with other DC Comics characters.

What kind of Batman collectibles are available?

There is a form of Batman merchandise for every single type of collectible Direct makes. Statues, figures, art, props, and more are available for all sorts of different Batman incarnations, from movies, to television shows, to comic incarnations from multiple different alternate universes.

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