Cycling Sunglasses & Goggles

Cycling Sunglasses & Goggles

Having a quality pair of sports eyewear can help to reduce hazards that you may face while cycling and can increase your performance. Keeping a close watch on the weather can be helpful in making a decision on what to wear to protect your vision while out cycling. No matter what the conditions, there are cycling sunglasses to choose from.

What are cycling sunglasses?

These sunglasses are specially designed and shaped to help optimize your performance when cycling. Using a variety of lenses in different colors, these glasses are able to adapt to nearly any weather scenario, and they also maximize your safety when cycling in poor lighting. The shape isn't just for style; this sports eyewear can wrap around your face to protect you from wind turbulence as well.

What are the benefits of cycling sunglasses?

Quality cycling eyewear can protect your eyes from a variety of hazards, such as bugs and dirt, which can get in your eyes and make it difficult to see, creating a dangerous situation for you and any other cyclists that may be in your path. This could pose some danger if moving at a high speeds where crashing could cause serious injury. A good pair of cycling sunglasses can also protect your eyes from the turbulence caused by riding fast, such as when going downhill. This turbulence can make your eyes water, which distorts your vision and can cause discomfort.

What color of cycling glasses should you use?

The color of the glasses lens can be important to veteran cyclists, since different colors are better suited to certain weather conditions. Some of the different combinations of light and weather you can experience while riding include:

  • Low contrast - This can be especially hazardous as you might not be able to notice branches or other debris that could cause a wipeout. Use a lens color such as brown (or other similarly darker shade) to help improve the contrast, so you can see camouflaged debris.
  • High brightness - This can be countered with glasses that have a darker shade to reduce glare. Another option is a lighter shade with a mirrored coating, which also reduces the glare.
  • Fog/haze - Use sunglasses with a lens color such as green or copper to reduce glare while also helping to increase contrast.
  • Variable - Sometimes weather changes suddenly. Having sunglasses with a photochromic lens that can change shade depending on the current light can help you to adjust to whatever weather conditions you might have to face.
  • Other - Bugs and the wind may be an issue during night rides, and having a clear lens can help keep the bugs and dirt out of your eyes while minimally interfering with the natural light.