Cycling Helmets

Ride Safely With Your Choice of Cycling Helmets

A good cycling helmet is one of the most important pieces of your biking ensemble and provides your head with the necessary protection it needs during a ride. You can browse through eBay to find a wide selection of stylish bike helmets in many colors or patterns. Understanding some of the main features you can include with these biking helmets will help you choose the one that fits your preferences.

Cycling helmet features you can choose

Each cycle helmet you find on eBay will have several optional features along with it, and you can organise your search by selecting the things that matter to you in a bike helmet. Some of the most common things you will come across for headgear like this are:

  • Visors - Visors close down over the viewing area of your bicycle helmet to shade your eyes from the sun and protect your face from flying debris. Some visors are also detachable.
  • Ventilation - Cycle helmet models such as the MTB Duro, Bell Nomad, or Giro Fixture all feature ventilation at the top to help you stay cool during a long ride.
  • Adjustable - You can use the straps on your cycling helmet to adjust the fit and make sure the device is securely fastened to your head before each ride.
Types of bike helmets

All cycling or bicycle helmets you find on eBay will offer protection, but the type you choose can depend on a few factors. Some of the ways you can choose cool bike helmets according to type include:

  • Kids - Cycling helmets for kids are smaller than typical adult cycling helmets and feature fun designs such as Peppa Pig, Mario, and Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • Commuter - Standard commuter cycle helmets usually don't include visors or guards that you might see on bike helmets that are intended for sport.
  • BMX - A teardrop cycling helmet meant for BMX stunts or racing will usually feature guards, a full visor for the face, vents at the top, and extra padding inside.
Can you get pre-owned cycle helmets?

eBay offers several cool cycle helmets that are pre-owned. If you cannot find the brand-new cycle helmet that you want, you may be able to find it when you look through the used cycling helmet options instead for the Bobbin cycle helmet or another brand you desire. Purchasing a pre-owned bike helmet can also be a great way to get some interesting styles, colors, or materials at an inexpensive price point. You can check information on how the used helmet performed for others to see if it will match your needs.