Cycling Helmets & Protective Gear

Cycling Helmets & Protective Gear

Safety during cycling is crucial to protect not only the life of the cyclist but the brain and body as well. Bicycle helmets have been tested and proven to guard against more harmful injuries in the case of an impact onto a hard surface, such as a vehicle or the road. Additional bike gear protects against dangerous cuts, possible broken bones, and offers better visibility to help drivers see cyclists on the road at night.

What is the best bike gear for protection when cycling?

Adults, teenagers, and children have a variety of safety options that can be bought as-is or made custom. Although a bike helmet protects the most important body part from impact, other gear also offers vital protection. There are guards for the knees, shins, and elbows, as well as cycling gloves and reflective clothing.

What should one look for in a bike helmet?

A head or facial injury is less likely when wearing a bike helmet. Full-face helmet options are available to fully encompass the jaw and head in lieu of straps attached to the helmet. Both versions of bicycle helmets stabilize your head and should be bought in accordance with the size of your head for proper protection.

Children grow quickly and should have their bicycle helmets checked frequently to ensure a proper fit. For some adults and children, custom helmets may be a better option, especially when biking excessively for competitions or if a helmet that fits properly isn’t easily found. Many helmets are made with ventilation and comfort in mind. The helmets are designed with a fabric below the hard outer shell to guard against overheating, and to prevent sweat pouring into the eyes.

What are cycling gloves?

Bike gloves are specially designed with extra padding in the palm and undersides of the fingers for a more comfortable grip on the bicycle’s handles. When a person falls or is about to hit a surface, instinct drives the hands to brace for impact with the palms facing outwards. Extra padding on this surface has been tested and proven to give better protection for hands from scrapes or lacerations caused by a gravel road or other rough surface.

How do knee, shin, and elbow guards protect cyclists?

Knee and shin guards can be individual pieces or made as a combination. All elbow, knee, and shin guards are designed to cushion the associated joint or bone in the case of an impact with the road or path. Similar to a bike helmet, there is a hard shell with fabric between the shell and the skin. Again, this feature is for ventilation and comfort.

What is reflective safety clothing?

Reflective clothing is known as high-visibility clothing and heightens the chance that drivers will see and avoid cyclists when it’s dark outside. Made with fluorescent materials, some are made with additional custom reflective tape or shapes. Some high-visibility clothing is also designed with padding for safety to protect your hips, legs, and arms by cushioning the impact of any fall.