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Cubii Elliptical Machines

The Cubii Elliptical Machine Is Your Own Private Workout at Work

The Cubii is a small, quiet elliptical device that lets you maintain work productivity even while you burn extra calories. Compared to most bulky fitness equipment, the compact Cubii is designed to fit snugly under your desk or table. The portable machine is easy to transport from the home to the office and back again.

What are the different types of Cubii machines?

The company offers three versions of its elliptical machine.

  • Cubii Jr.: Featuring eight levels of magnetic resistance, the Cubii Jr. is the company’s basic elliptical machine. It tracks strides, distance, RPMs, calories, and time with an attached LCD monitor. The 28-pound device has a carrying handle on the top for easy portability. The general dimensions of the machine are 23 inches by 17.6 inches by 10 inches. See the manufacturer site for details. The device comes in solid black with aqua accents. It has a micro USB slot for charging the lithium ion battery.
  • Cubii Pro: The pro version has all the same features of the junior but with the addition of Bluetooth functionality. This lets you connect the machine to your Fitbit, Apple Healthkit, or smartphone (from which you can track your progress or connect to the community). The size and weight are the exact same as the junior. The machine comes in chrome and black.
  • Cubii Elite: The elite version has all the features of the other two models, plus a premium wood finish.
  • Other products: The company also sells massagers, heated devices, resistance bands, cushions, and mats.
How much desk clearance does the Cubii require?

The recommended desk height from the floor to the underside is a minimum of 25 inches, or 58.3 centimeters. You will also want at least 2 to 3 inches, or 6 centimeters, of room between your knees and the desk for a comfortable workout.

How many calories can you burn on the elliptical machine?

All three models can burn 150 calories per hour on average, which you can track on the calorie monitor. The exact number will depend on the resistance level and your own individual physiology. The machine is not designed for a high-intensity workout. It is a relaxing way to keep active during normally sedentary work without any additional inconvenience or routine changes. Given the health problems of remaining sedentary for hours at a time, the machine is designed to combat these long-term negative health effects. The exercise is low impact and therefore designed to be easy on your joints.

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