Crystal Healing Items

Crystal Healing Items

A form of spiritual holistic healing and energy therapy, the practice of crystal healing assists the energy flow within a person’s body. Healing crystals have been around for thousands of years and used by several spiritualties for healing purposes. These healing items come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, each shaped for a specific purpose, from simple vertical prisms to crystal skulls.

What is crystal healing?

Gemstones and crystals, frequently made from quartz, specific to an ailment are placed at certain locations on the body for healing. This is holistic practice is known as crystal healing therapy through energy-based vibration. Crystals made from quartz are considered sacred tools for practitioners, also referred to as healers.

How do healing crystals work?

The gemstone or quartz crystal serves as the conduit to let positive energy flow into the body while the negative energy flows out.

  • During meditation, for example, you would hold the stones of choice in each hand.
  • Healers will place them at several points across the body during a session. This forms a grid of healing crystals designed to affect a specific energy flow or ailment.
What are chakra healing stones?

These are the specific healing crystals placed on these energy vortices to promote the clearing or opening of chakras or energy vortices. There are over 100 chakras in the body with as many crystals, however, seven are widely considered to be the centers in a person’s body. The following are some of the stones used for each one. A combination of stones may be useful based on an individual’s needs.

  • Root: Located in the base of the spine and representing a person’s grounding ability. Commonly used are bloodstone, tiger’s eye, hematite, fire agate, and black tourmaline.
  • Sacral: Located in the lower abdomen and representing a person’s ability to connect. Commonly used are citrine, carnelian, moonstone, and coral.
  • Solar Plexus: Located in the upper abdomen and representing a person’s ability for self-confidence. Commonly used are malachite, calcite, citrine, and topaz.
  • Heart: Located in the center of the chest and representing a person’s ability to love. Commonly used are rose quartz, jade, green calcite, and green tourmaline.
  • Throat: Located in the throat and representing a person’s ability to communicate. Commonly used are lapis lazuli, turquoise, and aquamarine.
  • Third Eye: Located between the eyes on the forehead and representing a person’s ability to understand the big picture. Commonly used are amethyst, purple fluorite, and black obsidian.
  • Crown: Located at the top of the head and representing a person’s ability to fully connect spiritually. Commonly used are selenite, clear quartz, amethyst, and diamond.