You might want a pair of crocs as footwear for the men, women, and children in your life. The clog is the company's first shoe, recognized by its choice of bright colors and soft material. Crocs also offers sandals, flats, loafers, boots, sneakers, and more.

What styles of sandals are made for women?

Crocs sandals for women generally expose a lot of the foot and slip on without the need for buckles or laces. Some of its women's sandals do have buckles at the ankle straps, however.

  • Flip flops are open sandals kept on the foot with a thong that goes between the big and second toes. Crocs flip flops for women are flat on to the ground or are wedged with a slight heel. Some of these sandals are embellished with sequins, some are multicolored, and others are one color, often a neutral shade
  • Slides are a type of sandal that has a wide band that goes over the top of the foot. Most women's slides are open-toed and open-heeled, but some Crocs slide over the toe; these are called mules.
  • Flats are sandals without an elevated heel. Crocs flats for women come in a variety of colors and are usually made with different strap patterns, including gladiator, featuring straps around the heel and a buckle; T-strap, showing one long strap across the length of the foot; and cut-out, looking similar to a gladiator but without the buckle.
  • Strappy sandals are made of multiple, thin straps that surround the foot. Crocs strappy sandals are usually bright and colorful.
What are Crocs made of?

Crocs clogs, sandals, sneakers, and all other shoes are made either entirely or partially of a material called Croslite. It's a soft, closed-cell resin substance that's neither plastic nor rubber, but it cleans with soap and water like plastic and provides cushion like rubber. Because Croslite is closed-cell, it doesn't absorb sweat or other moisture. This is designed to make it more difficult for microbes and bacteria to grow and may help this footwear to stay odor-free.

What are the features of Swiftwater Crocs?

Swiftwater footwear for men, women, and children is made to be worn in the water or in situations when moisture is inevitable, such as while hiking, camping, and hunting. The company makes Swiftwater shoes in a variety of styles, including the classic clog, flip flops, sandals, and boots. The Swiftwater hiker shoes are laced sneakers that have a Crosslite foam outsole.

Which Crocs are made for nurses?

Crocs provides a line of shoes made specifically for nurses. The styles are either clogs or flats. Classic clogs slip on and have a strap that surrounds the heel, keeping the shoe secure to the foot. This strap rotates, so it can be flipped to the front if desired. Flats for nurses are also slip-on and have both the heel and toe enclosed. This line of footwear for male and female nurses often has Cross Lock tread that the company has developed.

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