Get a Stylish Baby Crib for Your Baby

Perhaps you are soon expecting a new addition to your family and need a place for your newborn to sleep. Whether you are purchasing a crib for your baby or as a gift for a friend there are plenty of options available on eBay. Cribs come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to match your home's décor and meet your baby's needs.

What sizes and styles of cribs are available?

Whatever decor you have chosen for your baby's nursery, there are eBay cribs to match. Neutral colors such as gray, black, and brown are standard colors available. However, you can find unique options such as cherry wood or navy blue to match your specific decor. Additionally, some eBay baby cribs have stylish headboards or decorative railings.

Both new and used cribs for sale are can be found on eBay. Some of these options also have storage areas attached to the crib such as shelving on the side or storage areas underneath. Many of these cribs also include the mattress to fit perfectly inside. You can even find some cribs that have locking wheels on the base if you will need to move your crib frequently.

Convertible cribs to transition with your baby

A convertible crib can be an affordable choice as it transitions from bassinet to crib to toddler beds, allowing you to use one item for a longer amount of time. Many of these begin the transition with a removal side railing and are then able to transition completely into a toddler bed. These transitional cribs for sale are often larger than simpler cheap baby cribs.

Portable cribs are also available to transition with your child on-the-go. These can be used for your baby to sleep in when traveling or for your toddler to play in a contained space. Find fun colors like pink and blue or neutral colors like black and gray to match your color preference. These cheap cribs collapse easily for convenient transportation and storage. Some portable cribs are convertible as well with attachable bassinets and other padding.

Crib sets which include other furniture

If you need to furnish an entire nursery; a furniture set may be the choice for you. These sets on eBay often include a crib and a few other pieces of furniture depending on your unique needs. Choose a set with a crib, rocker, shelving, and changing table to fully furnish your nursery. If you only need a few items, you can find smaller sets as well. Perhaps choose a set with just a crib and a rocker or changing table.

Can you buy baby cribs for sale under $100?

Yes. There are several preowned baby cribs for sale on eBay. You can find affordable cribs in almost any color and style that you want. Be sure to look for a newer preowned baby crib that meets current safety standards.