Crib Bumpers

Cute cot bumpers for your baby's bed

Cot bumpers are perfect for protecting your baby as they sleep. Not only do they prevent any accidental bumps on the sides of the cot, this nursery bedding also keeps your little one snug and warm, even on the coldest of winter nights.

In this range, you'll find a fantastic range of beautiful cot bumpers in a variety of cute colors and styles so you're sure to find some baby cot bedding that both you and your little one will love.

All-around cot bumpers

All-around cot bumpers are specially designed to cover all four sides of your baby's cot. Go for hypoallergenic 100% cotton cot bumpers or polycotton mix, they are usually filled with warm polyester and will fit a cot that measures 120cm x 60cm and a cot bed of 140cm x 70cm.

Handy little fabric tie-ups are used in the corners or along the edges of the cot to hold the bumper to the frame and keep it securely in place for great peace of mind. Machine washable and available in a vast array of patterns and colors, you're sure to find the all-around cot bumper you're looking for.

Breathable cot bumpers

Breathable cot bumpers can be either half or all-around in their design and again come in lots of attractive colors and patterns. The breathable mesh fabric helps air to circulate, which keeps your baby cool on warmer nights, making them a perfect choice for the summer months. Soft, snuggly and machine washable, breathable cot bumpers attach to the cot bed with touch-close fastenings and ties.

Head protection cot bumpers

Head protection cot bumpers are ideal for new parents who still want soft support and protection for their baby's delicate head but aren't so keen on all-around cot bumpers. Available in the standard polyester-filled pillow style or as a thick plaited shape, head protection bumpers are also machine washable and great for keeping your baby warm and secure.