Craft & Paper Racks

Choosing Craft and Paper Racks

With craft and paper racks, organizing your paperwork is made easier. Scrapbook papers, file folders, receipts, cards, origami, paper flowers, paper mache, and other decorative pieces can be stored in such racks, clearing your desk of all forms of clutter. Choose from the range of the paper organizer racks available on eBay.

What are the types of craft and paper racks?

They come in different forms including display stands/towers, bins, letter trays or boxes, cube storage units, paper roll racks, and file cabinets.

  • Display stands/towers - These types of organizers provide an open display, making it easy for you to access any files or crafts. They are typically divided into tiers for storage of your paperwork in categories.
  • Bins - Here you can throw in stuff like the origami, paper flowers and other stuff that will not give you a hard time finding. Smaller bins can also be used for a supply of stencils such as scissors, tapes, pencils, inks, glue, and stickers.
  • Trays - For paperwork that you receive, you can store in a file tray before deciding whether to keep or dispose of. They are ideal for offices where a lot of documents come in.
  • Cube Storage Units - These are shelf-like racks divided into cubes. Here you can stack your items in a categorized manner just like in the stands.
  • File cabinets - These types have drawers for storage of file folders or other important documents.
  • Paper roll racks - These are a great paper storage option. Your manilla rolls can be stored here saving you space.

What are craft and paper racks made from?

They are typically made of wood, metal wire, or paper cardboard.

  • Wood - This is a staple material used in most furniture. It is a strong material that will usually stand long lasting abuse. Wood racks are also modifiable as you can refinish them by sanding, painting or staining, giving them a fresh look.
  • Metal wire - Mesh racks are made from metals such as steel. These types offer a flow-through ventilation and so it's not likely that your paperwork will have a damp smell after storing for a while. They also have a high load capacity due to the strength of the metal.
  • Cardboard - This material is quite flexible, lightweight, easy to handle, and has a better printing capability. The cardboard storage racks mostly come in form of boxes where you can store many things.

How do I categorize paperwork for storage?

Finding the documents even after arranging them in your boxes, stands or file cabinets can rid you of clutter but may still keep you searching for important sheets and files if you don't organize them properly. The way to do this is to categorize the documents after locating all of them. You can divide them into categories such as:

  • Financial records - These are things like receipts, bank sheets, loan statements, tax files and other documents that hold a record of your finances.
  • Home and property records - These are all records you own for the ownership of property of your home. They include title deeds, mortgage documents, and others.
  • Health records - These could include papers like hospital bills, prescription lists, medical receipts, health insurance policies, and all other documents related to health records.
  • Electronic records - These could include emergency dial contacts and sales documents and Internet plan bills.
  • Personal records - Your birth certificates, marriage certificates, information on your social security, death certificates, and similar personal documents can be arranged together.
  • Crafts - Paperwork used for art, such as scrapbooks and cards should also be placed together.