Craft Glass & Mosaics

Glass & Mosaics

Creating Art with Glass

Stained glass windows are inspirational, but they’re not just reserved for religious or institutional buildings. Creating art with glass is a satisfying home hobby that may be easier to learn than you think. Just starting out? Beginners might find it fun to begin with a simple pattern or mosaic glass kit. Intermediate and advanced artists may prefer browsing for mosaic tools and glass art tools, such as a glassblowing torch, glass cutters or a glass kiln. Whatever glass project you decide to pursue, it’s easy to buy glass online with eBay.

Stained Glass Supplies and Beyond

Glass is an ideal canvas for creativity. With etching supplies and glass paints, you can transform it into a masterful backdrop for your imagination. Purchase a sheet of mosaic glass that looks like water, for instance, then paint an aquatic scene on it, or etch waves. Glass art books provide a wealth of projects to inspire a savvy crafter, and painted or etched glass can be worked into a beautiful piece of artwork for your home.

Mixing Mediums

The fun really begins when you mix glass paint, mosaics and other materials, such as sea glass, mosaic gems, or ceramic or china tiles, to create your own unique design. How about adding tumbled glass or found beach glass to add another dimension to your project? Glass mosaic supplies online are just the beginning, and once you get hooked on the beauty of creating with glass, you might want to move on to glassblowing supplies, creating projects out of wine bottles using a bottle cutter, or adding mosaic tile to a piece of furniture.