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Cooper Flight Bomber Coats Jackets for Men

Flight bomber jackets project a specific image of a bygone era. Old movies portray the images of American men performing heroic acts in WWII aircraft, with faded photographs attesting to their courage. Explore this collection of Cooper flight bomber coats and jackets for men to find one that meets your needs.

What circumstances led to the creation of the jackets?
  • It is a casual garment originally created for pilots flying the earliest aircraft invented as early aircraft had no enclosed cockpit to protect the pilot from the elements. Therefore, a covering to protect the pilot was necessary.
  • The highly rudimentary design of the earliest planes encouraged the design of a covering that would not become entangled with the yoke or rudders.
  • This covering had to be flexible enough for the pilot to twist and move without a heavy material (such as canvas) inhibiting their maneuvers.
Where did the bomber designation originate?
  • Upon discovering its practicality, the United States Military adopted this type of garment for use and distribution to military crews operating aircraft.
  • These crews often flew airplanes, known as Bombardier aircraft, with bombs aboard as artillery.
  • Referred to as bombers, these aircraft carried crews who decorated it with pictures, personal notes and statistics.
  • The garments worn by crew members naturally became associated with their aircraft.
  • Consequently, the terms bomber and flight jacket became jargon used by the military and public alike.
What does this coat look like?
  • It is a short, casual garment gathered at the waist with an elasticized band.
  • It has an elasticized sleeve that gathers at the wrists.
  • The fastening is comprised of a zipper running lengthwise up the front of a person's body.
  • A winged collar at the neck can be plain or made of pile.
  • A shearling lining may be included.
  • Its design resembles an upside down letter A.
  • The Cooper A2 jacket has this classic design.
What material was used for bomber garments during WWII?
  • The material used was leather.
  • Sources depended upon the era, manufacturer, military standards, and availability of the animal donating the hide.
  • Horsehide was the most prevalent leather until WWII when the United States Air Force required leather because it was more flexible.
  • Goatskin leather became the chosen material for military use.
  • Cooper Sportswear Manufacturing Company has made garments for military aircraft crews since 1942.
Did American pilots wear the coat during World War II?
  • All garments worn by WWII United States Military aircraft crew members conform to the same design specifications.
  • There are two patch type pockets on the front of the garment.
  • No inner pocket or side pockets exist in garments issued to military aircraft personnel.
  • The Cooper A2 jacket is an example of this classic design.
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