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Frequently Asked Questions About Contax G2 Rangefinder Cameras

Until Kyocera discontinued it in 2005, Contax was one of the leading brands of high-performance 35mm film cameras. The G2 Rangefinder was the latest in the G series of Contax cameras and is still available to those who are looking for professional film cameras. These affordable cameras were made in two different color schemes: titanium and black.

What features does the Contax G2 Rangefinder have?
  • Display Panel: A large LCD screen displays settings, shutter speed, flash readiness, exposure warnings, and auto-focus distance.
  • Shutter Speed: You can set it to values between 16 seconds and 1/6000 of a second. You can also select "auto" to let the camera choose the best shutter speed for you.
  • ISO Button: This control lets you manually override the DX contacts to set a specific ISO value for unusual situations like night photography.
  • Viewfinder: The Contax G2's viewfinder gives you a real image zoom with a magnification of 0.57X and a 90% field of view. Parallax distortions are automatically corrected using a motor that adjusts to the focal length of a shot.
  • Focus Settings: Manual and auto-focus settings are available. A dial is located on the front of the camera.
What accessories are available for Contax G2 cameras?
  • Lenses: Contax's standard set of lenses for this camera included a 28mm lens, a 45mm lens, and a 90mm lens. Some other lens brands will fit this camera, too.
  • Flashes: Detachable flash units sold for the Contax G2 included the TLA140, TLA200, TLA280, TLA360, and TLA400 models. The differences between these units include brightness, whether they use a second curtain, and whether they swivel.
  • Filters: Fitted onto the end of a lens, filters help with bright settings and create special photographic effects.
What are the advantages of using film for photography?
  • Resolution: Medium- and large-format films can achieve resolutions comparable to 400 million pixels when digitized, and 35mm film can achieve effective resolutions between 4 and 16 million pixels.
  • Analog Texture: Pictures developed from physical film have a characteristic grain texture created by the development process. Many artists consider this a desirable vintage look that they can't produce with digital pictures.
  • Dynamic Range: Analog film cameras have a high dynamic range, meaning the range of light brightness that can be captured by the film.
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