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Use a Conrad-Johnson Preamplifier or Amplifier for Sound Quality

External preamplifiers and amplifiers are common components of an audio setup for recording music. Conrad-Johnson is a brand that specializes in HiFi amplifiers, preamps, and phono preamps. You can find many of the brand's products used and new on eBay.

How do you find the right preamplifier?

Look for a preamp that has a lot of headroom because it helps prevent distortion. Also, you may want to make your decision based on what type of sound you want. Discrete preamplifiers are usually used for recording rock and roll, pop, and other types of loud music. Tube preamps are often suitable for recording vocals. For recording classical, orchestral, and other music with soft sounds, you should consider a chip-based preamplifier.

How do you choose an amplifier?

Amplifiers come in two basic types: power and weak-signal. You should know which type you need for your audio setup. Weak-signal amplifiers are designed to handle small input signals. They don't have much internal noise. Weak-signal amplifiers are usually used for wireless receivers, acoustic pickups, compact disc players, and audio tape players. If you have HiFi audio equipment, then you need a power amplifier. This type of amplifier is also used for broadcast transmitters and wireless transmitters.

What is the purpose of a preamplifier?

A preamplifier is intended to help minimize noise and interference in an audio setup. It converts weak signals into stronger signals that are then sent to the amplifier for further amplification. External preamps can offer gains over 60 dB and low noise inputs of -127 dBu. Some electronics have preamplifiers built into them. Built-in preamplifiers commonly deliver gains below 60 dB.

If your system doesn't have a built-in preamp, then you may want to purchase one. eBay has a selection of used and new Conrad-Johnson preamplifiers. This brand of preamps is classified as HiFi, making them suitable for audiophiles. Some of their preamps include the GAT Triode, PV8, and ET7-S2.

What are common features of Conrad-Johnson preamplifiers and amplifiers?

Some common features you'll find in Conrad-Johnson products may include:

  • Remote control: Some of these products come with a handheld wireless remote control, so you can adjust the preamplifier or amplifier from a distance.
  • High-current MOSFET buffer: The high-current MOSFET buffer creates low output impedance. You can use a variety of interconnect cables and amplifiers with a preamplifier that has this feature.
  • Vacuum tubes: Some musicians like using vacuum tube power amplifiers. Conrad-Johnson often uses vacuum tubes in their amplifier designs, such as the ART150 and ART300.
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