Computer Webcams

Computer Webcams

Webcams connect to your computer, creating a convenient way to stream and capture video. You can use them with most computers, even those that have existing built-in cameras. Choose from a wide variety of models, each designed to create quality images or videos.

What connection types are available?

Many models connect to your device with USB cords. USB webcams are available with USB 1.0/1.1, USB 2.0, or USB 3.0 technology. Wireless cameras link to your desktop using your wifi connection, allowing flexible installation. These models are often useful for home security systems.

What devices are cameras compatible with?

Most styles are compatible with laptop and desktops. Many models work with multiple operating systems, including Windows and Apple. Some styles are designed for a specific operating system. Check the product details to verify compatibility.

What is an LED webcam?

Some devices feature rows of LED lights around the front lens. These lights brighten the area in front of the web camera for better image quality. Many models adjust the brightness automatically to suit the ambient lighting in your space; alternatively, you can choose levels manually.

What mounting options are available for webcams?

Most models feature a freestanding base or a clip. Freestanding devices can be positioned on any flat surface, such as a desk. If you’re using the camera for security, this style makes it easy to conceal the device on a bookshelf. Other models use a clip that fastens to the top edge of your monitor or laptop screen, placing it at an ideal height for video chats and conference calls.

What features are available?

Webcams come with a wide variety of features that are designed to create the best possible quality for streaming and recorded video. Models with autofocus track your face or any other moving object on the screen, ensuring that it’s always clear and in focus. Other features include microphones to ensure clear audio, motion sensors that activate video recording, and white balance or color correction for true-to-life tones.

What software do you need to install a web camera?

Most models come with their own software or drivers, which you can download as part of the installation process. This enables the device to work with your operating system and connect to programs that require video.

How do you choose a webcam?

With so many styles to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right model for your needs. Use these steps to narrow down the options.

  • Identify primary use: Business meetings, one-on-one calls, personal chatting
  • Select technical specs: Maximum resolution, HD compatibility, picture quality, operating system requirements, and more
  • Choose a mounting method: Freestanding, clip, clamp, hybrid, and more
  • Choose audio functionality: Integrated microphones and speakerphones are both available
  • Select a model: Available options include the Microsoft LifeCam Studio, Logitech C920, LifeCam HD, and many more