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Shop Event Up to 20% Off Graphics Cards From MSI, Gigabyte, Zotac, & more
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For many, playing video games on a personal computer is the way to go. Unlike traditional gaming consoles, computers can be upgraded, allowing the user to consistently better his or her system to support the constantly increasing requirements of the latest and greatest PC games. Getting a new graphics card is one of the most common upgrades to consider when you're looking to improve your gaming experience. There are two reasons to consider getting a new card: either you need to meet the minimum requirements to play the games you want to play, or you want to enhance the quality of the games you already own. Luckily, buying a computer graphics card achieves both of these goals: a new card allows you to play games that were previously unplayable with your old card, and it also boosts the visual output of your current games, allowing you to crank those settings to the max to achieve as immersive of an experience as possible.

Pick Your Graphics Settings
When considering a graphics card, you'll need to get a grasp of the settings you wish to run. This comes down to the resolution and the quality. The resolution will naturally be the native resolution of your display. The higher the resolution, the more pixels you're dealing with, which translates to needing a stronger card. For example, you'll need roughly 30 percent better graphics performance to handle 1440p compared to 1080p. In short, the higher the resolution you'll be using, the better the graphics card needs to be. When it comes to quality, better quality naturally translates into a more immersive, more realistic gaming experience. Top games on the market generally have adjustable settings in the game, allowing you to adjust the quality of the game based on what you have. A better graphics card means that you'll be able to raise those settings way up to view the game as it was intended to be seen.

Building A Computer or Upgrading Your System
Installing one is integral to building a computer, so if you're building from the ground up you'll want to ensure you have a computer graphics card to go with the other components, like computer fans, the processor, and the motherboard. Keep in mind that things like the computer's RAM will also impact the graphics card, and that it is a combination of multiple components that will produce the best gaming experience on your freshly built computer. On the other hand, if you're happy with the computer you already have, upgrading can be a quick way to give your system that necessary boost you've been craving.

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