Computer Drives, Storage & Blank Media 

Keep Your Data Safe by Backing Up Your Hard Drives

If you aren’t backing up your computer files regularly, you’re inviting disaster. Make quick work of the backup process with one of these hard drive duplicators that creates an exact replica of all of the files on your current hard drive. Or consider employing tape and data cartridge drives to ensure your data stays safe. Regardless of which method you choose, the most important thing to remember about backing up your desktop computer or laptop hard drive is to do it early and often.

Extend Your Storage Capabilities

Today’s activities can use up a lot of computer storage space. From photographs to audio and video files, your computer drives can quickly fill up. And one great way to extend your storage capabilities is to install a new CD, DVD or Blu-ray drive and burn files to a CD or DVD. eBay carries a variety of storage drives, like these Dell CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives and these HP CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives, which can expand your storage space exponentially. And, of course, external hard drives are a convenient and inexpensive way to expand storage.

Blank Storage Media Keeps Things Running Smoothly

Don’t forget the media! Whether you’re creating a large number of DVDs for sale using a CD/DVD/Blu-ray duplicator, or you’re simply wanting to back up or store important files, make sure your operation runs smoothly by keeping enough blank storage media on hand. eBay has blank CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs as well as blank tapes and data cartridges.

USB Flash Drives Offer Affordable, Portable Computing Storage

A solid state drive with no moving parts, USB flash drives are an extremely affordable, portable way to save and share files. For example, today’s 16 GB USB flash drives can typically hold more than 320,000 Word doc pages—or almost 10,000 photos or 4,000+ MP3 files! Choose the flash drive with the media storage that meets your needs and your budget from top-rated SanDisk USB flash drives and Kingston USB flash drives, and you’ll be ready to go.