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Get the Job Done with Commercial Trucks

A commercial truck has a myriad of uses, and the term could mean a wide variety of vehicles. As you go to search for the right option for your needs, keep some factors in consideration, including how you'll use yours and what features mean the most to you along with your budget. Whatever your decision, eBay's listings include a wealth of truck types in new to used to certified pre-owned conditions.

What Are Some Commercial Trucks?

Not solely limited to dump trucks, emergency and fire trucks, and utility and service trucks, the category of commercial vehicles has much to offer. View the selection of options as you go to purchase everything from a commercial pickup to other heavy-duty trucks.

  • A van or cargo van is a versatile and flexible type of vehicle. You can use these for private businesses, such as electrical or plumbing companies, or to deliver flowers from a florist's shop. They're roomy and spacious. In the same category would be other light-duty trucks, like a box truck, which offers a flatbed interior surface that's enclosed for keeping freight inside safe and protected.
  • Each time you drive by a technician fixing a street light or electrical pole, he or she is standing in what's called a bucket or boom truck. These and other medium-duty trucks perform a specific function, which is safely getting you to a higher point to perform a task.
  • Have a fender bender and can't drive your car? That's where a tow truck can come to your rescue. These can haul vehicles away from accident scenes or take a vehicle to the repair shop that's not driving correctly.
Commercial Truck Makes and Models

Once you know what you need your van, semi-truck, or other type of commercial truck for, you can focus on a search for the right make and model.

  • Ford offers a variety of options, including utility, flatbed, and service designs meant for numerous uses.
  • Check out what GMC has to offer, including dump trucks and forestry trucks for specialized purposes.
  • Need a flatbed hauler? Check out what Freightliner has to offer.
What Are Some Commercial Truck Features to Weigh?

It's not just about hauling, towing, carrying, or lifting. These designs also offer handy features that make your job easier.

  • A hydraulic crane definitely makes using some trailers simpler. This is a feature that comes in handy for using boom and bucket options along with utility versions.
  • Save money by purchasing a tractor or van that gets good gas mileage. Sometimes diesel isn't always efficient, but there are options that offer you more bang for your buck when it comes to filling up your tank.
  • A crew cab gives you a roomy interior for having a coworker, colleague, boss, or customer hop inside with you if needed.

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