Collectible Comic Figurines, Statues & Busts

Collectible Comics Figurines

With the way comic characters have exploded into the public eye with record-breaking movies it's no surprise that collectible comics figurines have become more popular than ever before. Characters like Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman are everywhere.

What are the Different Types of Figurines?

In general, collectible comics figurines can be divided into two basic types: toys and collectibles. Both are desirable for different reasons:

  • Action Figures: The basic toy figurine is the action figure. Often ranging from three to six inches in height, they tend to be relatively small with articulated joints. Many collectors display them in the original packaging.
  • Statues: Unlike action figures, collectible statues tend to be much larger and are not articulated. They are also more expensive with better detail. These are not designed to be played with.

What Should You Look For When Collecting Comics Figurines?

No matter what you are interested in there are a few things you should always look for when purchasing collectibles:

  • Condition: Condition always matters with any collectible. For comic hero action figures you ideally want to find them still in the original undamaged packaging. With statues, that is less important but still pay attention to quality.
  • Authenticity: While less of a concern with inexpensive figurines, it's also important to know what you have when you move up to the more expensive collectibles. When possible, look for marks and certificates of authenticity. Some statues even have authenticity information on the bottom.
  • Grading: As with comics, one can grade figurines as well. Grading from companies like the AFA (Action Figure Authority) certifies the value of a piece, meaning you can trust the price tag someone places on it.

How to Start Collecting Comics Figurines

The best way to start collecting comics figurines is to figure out what interests you and then go from there. You can collect DC Superheroes or the heroes of the MCU. Some people may wish to focus on loose figurines they can pose or display as desired; others may prefer mint figures that are still in the original packaging. Whatever you wish to collect you can always display them to make the greatest impact.