Find the Right Colt 1911 Grips

Colt 1911 grips are a way to make your gun feel more unique and more to your taste. Before you move forward with a purchase, you may want to consider the following important points about the 1911 grips. Find a wide selection of grips for sale in both new and used conditions at eBay.

How do you find the right Colt 1911 grips?

Once you have established that you want Colt 1911 grips, you may want to consider the following factors to aid you in your search for the most fitting item:

  • Material: Colt 1911 grips are available in six different materials. These are aluminum, polymer, stag, stainless steel, steel, and wood.
  • Installation type: Some Colt 1911 grips are wrap-around styles, while others require a more involved installation with tools.
  • Full size: You may desire Colt 1911 grips that are made in full size. This, as it sounds, simply means that the grips cover the entire length of the handle of your gun.
When is it a good idea to buy used Colt 1911 grips?

When you value low cost over like-new quality, you may want to look into Colt 1911 grips. Often, they are lightly used with little wear and tear. You may not be able to tell the difference between the new and used versions besides the absence of packaging. However, if you would rather prioritize like-new quality over affordability, then you may want to buy an unopened, unused item.

Recognizing the different designs of Colt 1911 grips

There is a wide selection of different Colt 1911 grips available in different designs. The Colt 1911 grips with logos contain the word "Colt," which is often accompanied by the image of a horse rearing up on its hind legs. The white pearl design has a backdrop that is a blend of white and pearl colors and features a gold Colt logo. If you want a rubber material, then you may find a design that incorporates the Colt logo on plain black rubber grips, a design referred to as black rubber with medallions. With the right search on eBay, you can find rosewood, ivory, and checkered designs featuring the Colt emblem. Your design options are endless, but you may even have the option to customize your 1911 Colt grips to fit your exact preferences. If you opt for a customizable 1911 Colt grip design, then you have the flexibility to choose design type, color and more.

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