All About Collectible Tobacco Rollers and Makers

If you want to make your own custom cigarettes and cigars at home, a collectible tobacco roller can help. This useful equipment lets you personalize your tobacco products, and some tobacco makers can be very collectible. Tobacco enthusiasts will appreciate the wide range of brands and styles of cool cigarette rollers that they can find on eBay.

Features to consider when shopping for tobacco rollers

When picking out your automatic cigarette rolling machine, you can choose among several different features:

  • Electric power: If you get a roller that is automatic or electric, you can just plug in the machine and let it do all the work for you.
  • Unusual sizes: Some machines are designed to fit king-size papers, so you can make larger than normal smokes.
  • Spoon injection: Some electric cigarette machines use a special spoon injection process that lets you create evenly burning cigarettes.
  • Tobacco hopper: Some types of cigarette rollers will have a tobacco hopper that regularly feeds in tobacco instead of requiring you to reload the electric cigarette machine.
  • Tobacco grinder: Depending on the type of filler you want to use, a grinder may be helpful.
Advantages of choosing a pre-owned cigarette roller

When looking for hand-powered and electric cigarette rollers, you can choose between used cigarette rollers and new electric cigarette rolling machines. Pre-owned styles can be a great option if you want a cheap cigarette roller, since they tend to be more affordably priced. If you want a collectible item like a Powermatic 2 electric cigarette injector machine, Raw Loader, or Zig-Zag Machine, buying used may be the only way to get items that are no longer sold directly to the public.

What size of cigarette roller do you need?

One of the first things to decide on when shopping for cigarette rollers is usually size. To decide what size of machine you need, think about where and how you will be using the machine. If you plan to roll your cigarettes in a variety of places, you can shop for portable, pocket-sized machines. However, if you want a lot of custom cigarettes rolled at once, you may need a bigger machine to handle the increased volume. You also need to check the size to make sure it can work with the size of rolling papers and width of cigarette that you prefer. Some common roller widths are 70 mm, 79 mm, 100 mm, and 110 mm. See the manufacturer site for details.