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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Sneakers

Old-school is the new cool with a pair of rare or limited edition deadstock collectible sneakers. You don't need to be walking around with a receipt to prove that you own a pair of Yeezy Boost 350, Jordan 1, Nike Sacai, or adidas Ultraboost sneakers. Get on eBay to buy DS and OG sneakers that may only have been worn once.

Every pair of sneakers are unique

Sneaker collecting has become a pastime for buyers hoping to get their hands on limited edition Jordan, Yeezy and Air Force 1 sneakers. When Nike OG models like the Nike Dunk and the Nike SB are for sale, potential buyers are attracted by the unique design and the limited number of pairs available. For some, purchasing collectible sneakers is a chance to own a rare item with a unique color scheme, whether accented with black, off-white, or neon. Many sneakers are associated with pop culture trends, celebrities, or movies. Unlike sneakers for everyday use, collectible sneakers are intended to be worn on special occasions or preserved for posterity.

How should you choose collectible sneakers?

Choosing sneakers is an involved task. It's important to check the stitching, colors, and logo on the sneaker to prove that the model is genuine. If you intend to wear your collectible sneakers often, choose darker colors that won't show scuffs so easily. The rarer a sneaker is, the more of an investment opportunity it could be, as its value will only increase over time. Consider whether the shoes will be preserved in the climate conditions that you live in. Unique features such as embossed initials, metallic paint, and neon soles are eye-catching and help to justify the sales price for collectible sneakers.

Which collectible sneakers are available on eBay?

You can find new and lightly used sneakers on eBay. Authentic sneakers from top brands like adidas, Nike, and Jordan Retro are available. Jordan Retro sneakers come in many models such as the Jordan 1, the Jordan 11, the Jordan 4, and the Jordan 3. Jordan Travis Scott sneakers can be identified by their logo and material for authenticity. Stay on trend but low key with the Yeezy 700. The Nike Off-White and adidas Off-White sneakers are great for those looking for a less mainstream look. Hot products like the Nike Air Max and the Nike SB Dunk are also available on eBay for purchase. Basketball players will enjoy having a pair of Air Jordan sneakers so they can imagine flying like Mike.

Collecting sneakers is no longer a rare phenomenon and can have different meanings for different people. For some, it could be an opportunity to own something special, whereas for others it could be an investment. Sneakerheads from all over the world are always on the lookout for new releases and limited-edition models and there are a lot of factors that need to be considered before getting your hands on collectible sneakers. A wide range of collectible sneakers is available on eBay for you to choose from, so learn more about sneakers from adidas, Jordan, Golden Goose, Converse, and Nike Air Force on our Sneakers articles.

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Collectible Sneakers FAQs

What are collectible sneakers?

Collectible sneakers are footwear models that hold value and desirability beyond their functional purpose. They are often sought after by sneaker enthusiasts and collectors due to their unique design, rarity, collaborations, and cultural significance.

Can anyone become a sneaker collector?

Yes, anyone with an interest in sneakers can become a collector. Starting small, learning about different models and releases, and connecting with the sneaker community can help you begin your collecting journey.

What are some common terms used in the Collectible Sneaker community?

Here are some terms that are commonly used by sneaker collectors or “sneakerheads":

  • Deadstock: Refers to sneakers that are brand-new, unworn, and in their original condition, including all packaging and accessories. This can also refer to a sneaker that is no longer in production.
  • OG: Stands for "original" or "original release," referring to the first iteration of a sneaker model when it was initially introduced.
  • Retro: Refers to re-released versions of older sneaker models, often with slight design updates or improvements.
  • On-Feet: Refers to images of sneakers being worn by an individual, showcasing how they look when worn.
  • Beaters: Sneakers that are well-worn and often used for everyday activities, sacrificing their pristine condition for comfort.

What are some iconic collectible Nike sneaker models?

Some iconic collectible Nike sneaker models include the Nike Air Jordan 1, Nike Dunk SB, Nike Air Max 1, Nike Air Force 1, and various collaborations such as Nike x Off-White and Nike x Travis Scott releases.

Are there any collectible sneakers made by adidas?

There are a variety of collectible adidas sneaker models, such as the adidas Superstar, adidas Stan Smith, adidas Yeezy line, adidas Originals ZX series, and collaborations like adidas x Pharrell Williams and adidas x BAPE releases.

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