Collectible Modern Custom & Handmade Fixed Blade Knives

Collectible Custom & Handmade Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives are known for their functionality and durability. For some, they are also collectibles due to the variety of blade shapes and handle designs, and Damascus knives are widely desired due to the level of skill required for their production. Whether looking for a survival tool or addition to a collection of Damascus knives, there are a variety of options available.

What is a fixed blade knife?

In a fixed blade knife, as opposed to a folding knife, the blade does not retract or fold up. A fixed knife is less likely to break than its folding counterpart since there are no moving pieces. Certain styles of the fixed blade knife are smaller and can be worn under clothes.

What is Damascus steel?

Damascus steel has a reputation for being shatterproof, sharp, and durable, with a texture resembling flowing water. The original methods of making Damascus steel are not completely known. The term Damascus knives refers to a fixed knife category with a patterned Damascus blade, created by folding the metal over in a forge. Damascus steel is usually a combination of stainless and carbon steels.

What are the handles of fixed blade knives made from?

Whether a Damascus knife or stainless-steel knife, the handle of a fixed blade knife adds functionality and style. Basic and ornate knife handle designs are available in a variety of materials including metal, rubber, bone, wood, or nylon.

What are some fixed blade knife styles?

The fixed blade knife is known for its function as a survival tool, in part because it can be used for many tasks. Certain types of the fixed blade knife have unique characteristics and attributes, including a specific handle shape and particular composition of Damascus steel or other metals. Some fixed knife styles are as follows:

  • Damascus knives: The Damascus category of knife includes a fixed blade knife with a patterned Damascus blade and any handle.
  • Hunting knife: This knife has a gut hook and sharp edge opposite to a thickened spine. The handle of a hunting knife has finger grooves and a bolster to protect the fingers.
  • Boot knife: Also called the gambler's dagger, this type of fixed knife is an alternative to folding knives and is designed to be hidden inside a boot. These are smaller with a handle designed for good grip and a symmetric blade, Damascus or otherwise.
  • Bowie knife: These are similar to the hunting knife but more versatile, with a narrow, sharp blade and often a serrated edge on the other side. While not usually made of Damascus steel, this is an option for some custom Bowie types.

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