Everything You Should Know Before You Purchase Pre-1900 Collectible Jars

Are you looking for rare canning jars to add to your collection or to give to someone else? If so, you will find a large selection of antique fruit jars for sale on eBay. Before you make your purchase, there are some things you should know about buying antique jars online.

Which collectible jars can you purchase on eBay?

Choose your old fruit jars from eBay's large selection that might feature an antique globe canning jar, a primitive green glass jar, or a rare amethyst canning jar. The pool of available items might also include an assortment of jars that have gained value as branded collectibles.

Branded items might feature a vintage Mason jar that was used to package a specific brand of mocha or coffee, a rare jar bearing the logo of a canning company, an authentic branded pickle jar, or a vintage jar that was previously used by a tea manufacturer.

What to look for in antique Mason jars

While most vintage Mason jars feature extra-thick glass and bear the signature raised emblem, vintage jars differ somewhat in their specific characteristics. Some old jars have imperfections like small bubbles that are contained within the glass or typographical errors that occurred in the rendering of the trade name or logo. Such jars are sometimes in great demand by collectors because the imperfections evidenced by the items make them rare and one-of-a-kind collectibles.

What should you consider when choosing collectible jars pre-1900?

Here are some other options available for vintage Mason canning jars:

  • Size: Pint, quart, and half-gallon sizes are common Mason jar capacities.
  • Lid: Common lid materials include zinc, glass, and aluminum. Some jars have no lids because they were made to be sealed with wax.
  • Color: Jar colors include clear, blue, red, green, amethyst, and amber.
Saving money when you buy quart fruit jars

The pool of used fruit jars is a great place to find some of the less common items, such as vintage red Mason jars and blue Keystone glass canning jars. Purchasing such items as a set, rather than individually, will often lower the total purchase cost.

Occasionally, you might encounter a new jar that is listed among vintage ones. More than likely, new items are reproductions of vintage and antique originals. If owning an actual antique jar is not your highest priority, purchasing a good reproduction might be a way to acquire a jar that is both functional and decorative while keeping the price affordable.