Collectible Harley-Davidson Signs

Choosing a Harley-Davidson Sign to Enhance Your Space

Founded in Milwaukee in 1903, Harley-Davidson is a motorcycle manufacturer that has become a household name. If youre a fan of the company and you want to showcase your appreciation for them in your home or business, youll be glad to know that you can find a multitude of collectible and affordable Harley-Davidson signs on eBay to enhance your space.

What size are the Harley-Davidson signs?

Theres no set size for Harley-Davidson signs; they can run a range of different sizes in terms of length, width, and height. Some are on the small side, while others are relatively large, and then there are those that fall in between. You also have the ability to decide what shape you prefer, which is important to consider when you factor in where you want to put the sign. For example, if you have a minimal amount of height over a doorway but a good amount of space lengthwise, a thin horizontal sign might be a good option. The variety of available sizes gives you the ability to choose the sign that best fits your needs.

What type of signs are available?

You can find several different types of Harley-Davidson signs that consist of one or more particular characteristics. They include:

  • Porcelain
  • Neon
  • Round
  • Metal
  • Horizontal or vertical
Where could you put a Harley-Davidson collectible sign?

Where you put your Harley-Davidson sign depends on your personal preferences, the space youre working with, and whether youre going to display it at work or home. Depending on the sign and the particular circumstances, a sign could potentially fit well into a professional or at-home garage, a man cave, a bar, or a childrens room thats decked out in a motorcycle theme. With so many different styles available, there are plenty of options.

What designs do the signs feature?

Although Harley-Davidson is synonymous with motorcycles, youre not going to find an image of one on every sign. While there are those that do feature one or more of them, some will depict only the name. There are also those that will feature the name along with other images, such as an eagle or skull. Over the years, many signs have been created, some of which are more elaborate than others.

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