Collectible Estate Tobacco Pipes

Buying a Collectible Estate Pipe on eBay

First used by Native Indians in ceremonial practices, the earliest pipes were primitive and made of clay or stone. In present times, used smoking pipes bring joy to collectors with their interesting markings on natural stone and wood. Estate pipes for sale on eBay include an assortment of vintage pipes made throughout the years by different manufacturers.

Reasons to purchase an estate pipe on eBay

An estate tobacco pipe makes reference to a pipe that has been previously owned. These are sought after by collectors due to their ages, manufacturers, and designs. Purchasing used smoking estate pipes on eBay is a good way to add to your pipe collection without spending a ton of cash on new pipes. On eBay, you can find Canadian estate pipes, Danish-made pipes, and more. Some may be refurbished, while others are not.

Leading manufacturers of estate tobacco pipes on eBay

eBay lists estate pipes for sale by the manufacturer if you are looking for a particular make. Well-known manufacturers include:

  • Savinelli: An Italian brand of pipe that has existed since 1876. They continue to manufacture pipes today.
  • Peterson: Made in Ireland since 1865. Rare designs in various shapes make a lovely collection.
  • Dunhill: Known for its practicality in estate pipes since 1910. They began producing high-quality pipes in England to replace the inexpensive models that had been imported from France.
  • Stanwell: Stanwell's collectible estate pipes are known for being quality Danish pipes with 120 manual steps in the pipe-making process.
  • Comoy: Traditional shapes and finishes distinguish Comoy's estate pipes of London.
Why are so many estate pipes made out of briarwood?

Briarwood is actually the root structure of a large shrub. It is indigenous to the Mediterranean Basin in Portugal as well as the Canary Islands. Briar can withstand temperatures in excess of 700 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also a natural filter for absorbing tar and moisture from tobacco.

However, other types of materials are also used in creating pipes. Estate pipes for sale on eBay offer a variety of wood, clay, and stone bowls. Here's what you need to know:

  • Briar pipes can withstand high temperatures and are thought to better absorb tar and other impurities in tobacco.
  • Clay pipes bowls are known to burn hot, but some collectors believe they break easily.
  • Meerschaum pipes smoke cool and are very beautiful, but they are also expensive and hard to make.
Bowl finish and stem material

Listings for estate pipes for sale on eBay should always include photographs of clean pipe bowls and stems. The bowl finish will be smooth, sandblasted, or carved. Sandblasted and carved bowls are the least expensive, while a smooth finish indicates much sanding, buffing, staining, and polishing and is, therefore, more expensive. Common stem materials are ebonite and acrylic. Ebonite is a form of hardened rubber, while acrylic is a type of plastic.

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