Collectible Cigar Boxes

How to Select a Collectible Cigar Box

Whether you are a cigar aficionado or just received your first collectible box as a gift, keeping your cigars fresh through proper storage is imperative. Collectible cigar boxes are designed to protect your cigars from humidity and moisture from the atmosphere, thus preserving their condition in the process. These boxes come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials, so to help you narrow down your decision, keep the following factors in mind when shopping for one.

What Types of Collectible Cigar Boxes are There?

There are several types of vintage cigar boxes, including table boxes, travel boxes, and room boxes. When shopping, consider the number of cigars you are planning to store. Every type of cigar box should feature a humidification device that prevents the contents from drying out. This device requires periodic refilling, with smaller boxes requiring more frequent refilling than larger boxes do.

  • Table Humidors: These vintage boxes typically hold 500 cigars on average. They are well suited for home use due to their large size.
  • Travel Humidors: These vintage boxes typically hold less than 50 cigars at a given time, making them a fit for on-the-go purposes. They are also wise options for those new to cigars.
  • Room Humidors: These vintage boxes are often referred to as humidor cabinets. They are built into a room and often feature several tables or travel humidors within them. These boxes hold a large volume of cigars and are geared towards more experienced users.

What Features Should I Look For?

Cigar boxes vary significantly in their makeup, so make sure to look for those that have state-of-the-art features and complement your home's style.

  • Spanish Cedar Lining: Look for a wood cigar box that is lined with Spanish cedar. This material is naturally absorbent and helps the box to retain moisture. With time, the wood transfers a spicy flavor to the cigars, causing them to develop a light odor. In addition, the material deters bugs, such as tobacco weevils, that often infiltrate cigar boxes and destroy cigars. It is wise to avoid a wood cigar box that is lined with Western Red or American cedars, as this type of wood can drastically alter the flavor of the cigars.
  • Sturdy Construction: The vintage cigar box should be well-constructed to allow for the most effective aging of cigars. Look for those made of solid wood with dependable hinges and tight seals.
  • Box Color: You'll want to take the color of the cigar box into account, especially with respect to room decor, as the right vintage cigar box should blend in with or accentuate your existing style.