Own a Piece of History With a Collectible Antique Coin Slot Machine

Antique slot machines are a fun way to add amusement to your game room or living room. First invented in 1894 by Charles August Fey, many antique slot machines are available on eBay.

What are the types of coin-operated antique slot machines?

Old slot machines come in a wide variety of categories. While you may see token slot machines, the tokens work the same way that coins do. If you want a slot machine only for decoration, you might be able to purchase a non-functional slot machine for a lower price than a working model. You will find five categories of rare antique slot machines at affordable prices on eBay. These include:

  • Collectible antique coin slot machines
  • Collectible non-functional slot machines
  • Collectible skill slot machines
  • Collectible token slot machines
  • Other collectible casino slot machines
What brands of slot machines are there?

Vintage slot machines were made by many manufacturers and in many countries. Some manufacturers no longer exist. Their machines, also sometimes referred to as one-armed bandits, can be quite rare and collectible. However, the most commonly available antique slot machines you'll find were made by four major companies. These include the following:

  • Bally slot machines
  • Jennings slot machines
  • Mills slot machines
  • Watling slot machines
What themes are available on coin-operated antique slot machines?

Antique slot machines come in a wide array of fun styles and themes. Each reflects the character of its era. You will find themes such as Wild West, carnival, World Fairs, cigarette vendors, casinos, and castles. You can also search for vintage slot machines by country or origin such as the United States, England, or Japan. You can further refine your search for the right vintage slot machine by looking for specific brands and types such as:

  • Vintage Waco Casino Crown slot machine coin-operated with flashing lights
  • 1930s Ginger token-operated cigarette vendor slot machine
  • Mills Arrowhead vintage slot machine
  • Antique 1940s Pace Slot machine
  • Antique vintage Pace Primadonna 27-way slot machine
Typical vintage slot machine characteristics

When searching for authentic antique slot machines, look for several telling characteristics. Models made after World War II may have lighter-weight materials like plastic, aluminum, or wood Some features that collectible slot machines have include:

  • Made from cast iron, which makes them very heavy
  • Mechanical arms on the left side
  • Values of coin play in the range of nickels to quarters