Coca-Cola Glasses

Collect Coca-Cola Glasses for Some Beverage History

Coca-Cola was developed over a century ago and marketed as a beverage that might help treat minor illnesses. It's a widely known carbonated soft drink, and you can add some unique Coca-Cola glasses to your collection for either display or use. Learning about the types of inexpensive Coca-Cola glass cups that you can find on eBay will help you select the pieces that are right for you.

Types of Coke glasses for sale

There are several types of Coca-Cola glasses you are sure to come across during your search for products on eBay. It's worth adding all the styles to your collection to complete your display. In addition to the iconic curved Coke glasses reminiscent of sofa fountains, a couple of options you will find include:

  • Mugs - Coke mugs typically resemble a standard Coca-Cola glass. However, the mugs usually feature a handle that you can grip. Coke glass sizes are listed in US measurements. See the manufacturer site for details.
  • Tumblers - Tumblers come in various colors or patterns, but they all share the same basic shape. You grip the tumbler itself rather than using a handle.
Editions of Coca-Cola glass cups you will find

Over the years, the company has released several unique versions of Coke glasses to commemorate various events. You can browse through eBay's fine selection of products to check out sets of Coca-Cola glasses that include designs unique to the events that might interest you. Some of these have images or artwork on them in addition to the standard company label. A few items you might find in this category include Christmas-themed, baseball, or Olympic Games glasses.

Can you buy antique or vintage Coca-Cola glasses?

You can find antique and vintage Coke glasses for sale on eBay at reasonable prices. The company has changed the logo over the years, and you will see changes to the overall designs used in Coca-Cola glass cups as you go through all of the new and pre-owned products on eBay. Antique Coca-Cola glasses might have artwork done in a particular style to reflect the era in which they were produced.

If you are looking for vintage Coca-Cola glasses that are related to special occasions or limited editions, checking out the section for secondhand Coke bottles is a good idea. Some vintage glass cups may still include their original packaging even if they are listed as pre-owned. Purchasing a used Coca-Cola glass this way can be an efficient means of getting the particular design you want for your collection.

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