Coach Leather Handbags Purses for Women

The epitome of luxury and style, Coach handbags are excellent signature finishing pieces for women. Styles include satchel, crossbody, and carryalls, and materials include leather and canvas. Founded as a small artisan company in 1941 where each bag was handcrafted, Coach continues to offer both classic and trendy styles for discerning consumers.

What different types of Coach bags are there?

While Coach initially offered traditional cowhide handbags when the company began in 1941, the company has since expanded its product line to offer an array of different bags. Some common types of Coach bags include:

  • Handbag: Handbags typically are small and are designed for carrying personal items like makeup, keys, and wallets.
  • Satchel: A satchel bag is typically a long bag with a flat bottom and two shorter handles. Satchels are usually used for carrying larger items than what might fit into a handbag.
  • Shoulder bag: Shoulder bags feature one strap to be worn over one shoulder while the bag hangs on the same side of the body.
  • Tote: A tote bag is larger than a satchel, is typically boxier in shape, and the handles can range from short to long. A satchel is designed to carry larger, bulkier items.
  • Crossbody: Crossbody bags feature an extra-long strap that can be balanced over one shoulder while the bag hangs off the opposite side of the body.
What are the different kinds of leather that Coach uses?

The type of leather that Coach uses for its bags dates back to the beginnings of the company in 1941 when the original founders noticed that the leather used in making baseball gloves became softer, smoother, and suppler as it aged. As the company applied those leather finishing principles to its products, it developed the iconic Coach brand of leather purses and leather satchels from traditional brown to pigment-dyed hues to black. Today, Coach continues to expand its offerings with crossgrain leather, pebble leather, and the original rich brown cowhide leather.

What are the signature looks for a Coach handbag?

All Coach bags bear a signature embossed stamp of the brand name or have a silver metal tag with the Coach brand attached to them. Coach purses also have a silver toggle and most are made of leather. Sometimes, the leather is dyed different colors like black or red, but the most common color is brown.

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