Claw Machines

Grab a Handful of Fun With a Selection of Claw Machines

Just about everyone that has ever been to an arcade knows the feeling of anticipation when they grab onto the controls of a classic claw machine. Toys from these infamous machines are notoriously fun to pursue and difficult to win; but why not experience that fun at home or at your business? Claw machines with toys can make great conversation pieces and unexpected gifts, and you can choose from a selection here on eBay.

Types of prizes that can be won from a claw machine

The types of prizes you're likely to find or include depends largely on the type of claw machine you purchase. Just about anything from candy to plush toys and even gift cards or electronics can be placed inside a claw machine, but the size and mechanics of the claw itself will determine whether or not players will be able to grab these items as prizes. Some machines have security mechanics in place to protect more valuable items. Also keep in mind that many machines have their prizes announced directly on the product itself, like the Sweet Shoppe machine. However, a variety of claw machine toys can keep the game interesting for players.

The sizes of claw machines available on eBay

Claw machines come in a variety of sizes. You can find new or preowned claw machines in arcade sizes ranging largely from 30 all the way up to 60 inches. Many of the smaller machines are 31, 33, or 36 inches in size, which means smaller claws and smaller prizes, such as trinkets or candy. The larger models not only offer more space for prizes, but sometimes an extra claw as well. This can add the fun element of competition. Some machines, like the mini models, will fit well on a desk or table, whereas others will need more floor space. While some are standard arcade models, other mini models fit well in the home.

Are all claw machines cash operated?

Most of the claw machines games meant for arcades are operated by coins and bills, but many others don't require payment to play. Many of the smaller models especially have different controls and do not include coin or bill receptors at all. Some of these machines are programmable, so you could decide not to charge for a game even if the coin and bill receptors are included. With some practice, you could control many other options for game play to create a completely customized experience.