Class C RVs & Campers

Live out Your Travel Dreams in a Class C RV

Roomy, oversized, and spacious, you could literally live your life comfortably in a Class C motorhome. Equipped with everything you need for long-distance travel, realize your retirement goals by packing up and hitting the open road for an unforgettable family trip across the country to any location you like. Begin that journey by browsing eBays RV selection, which includes a number of models in multiple class ranges, all in conditions from new to used to certified pre-owned.

What is a Class C RV?

As youve likely already noticed during your search for motorhomes, these RVs are divided into different classes. Theyre Class A, Class B, and Class C.

  • A Class C model has its own distinction of being the middle ground between a Class A RV and a Class B motorhome. Essentially, they include different features, such as a cabin chassis, and as with other RV types, they vary in size and design.
  • Most Class C motorhomes are larger and offer a living area, kitchen, a larger sleeping capacity for up to six to eight passengers, and one or more slide-outs to add even more space.
  • You can tow your own car, motorcycle, or other recreational vehicle due to the hauling capacity of a Class C design. That way, you can hop in your car to travel cities while leaving your RV parked in one spot.
Convenient Features and Amenities of an RV

Not only is traveling by RV fun, these motorhomes are loaded with features that give you all the comforts of home and more. Who needs a hotel with this many exciting additions?

  • Once you park yourself for the evening, relax under the shade of pull-out awnings. These protect you and your guests from the sun and create a perfect location for grilling out or starting a campfire.
  • Worried about everyone showering and using the restroom on your trip? You dont have to, because a Class C motorhome has an extended water capacity to meet your kitchen and bathroom needs.
  • Imaging the comfort of reclining seats, heat and air conditioning, smoke detectors, and all of the entertainment options you need, such as a TV and DVD player, surround sound, and satellite wiring to keep you from getting bored on the road.
What to Consider Before Buying

Your luggage is ready and youre dying to hit the road, but before you buy your first RV, keep a few things in mind as you shop for just the right vehicle for you and your family and friends, and when budget is an issue, a pre-owned Thor or Winnebago fits the bill.

  • How many people are traveling with you? There are lengths that offer more space than others. For a small group, you may select a 25-foot Coachmen or a 23-foot Itasca. When youre bringing more folks along for the ride, consider a 32-foot Fleetwood or a 31-foot Forest River model. Bringing eight passengers? Go for it with an extended 38-foot Jayco or a large and expansive 37-foot Gulfstream.
  • Select a model year. If cost is a factor, opt for a pre-owned RV instead of a new RV.
  • Consider features, like water and towing capacity, seating and sleeping room, and extras like entertainment and GPS along with the floor plan itself and how roomy it is.

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