Go On Adventures in a Class B RV Camper

If you love the freedom that comes along with road trips, you might want to give yourself even more flexibility by getting an eBay Class B RV. You'll find a wide range of affordable camper vans for sale by browsing eBay. There are some new and many used Class B motor homes to choose from.

Features to look for in terms of engine

Because Class B RVs are generally built with the chassis of a full-size van, there are many similarities with traditional vehicles. In terms of the engine, many will run on regular unleaded gas, and some will run on diesel fuel. A few models have horsepower in the 200-300 range. Many have more than 300 horsepower, and some have more than 400 horsepower. Things to consider when comparing gas with diesel include:

  • Gas stations are plentiful compared with stations that carry diesel fuel.
  • Diesel engines may require less periodic maintenance.
  • Diesel models can achieve relatively good fuel economy.
  • Many drivers are more familiar with the maintenance related to gas engines.
Are there additional features that should be included in RV vans?

Many Class B motor homes for sale have smart designs to allow people to maximize their use of the space. Features include:

  • Awnings: On a Class B RV for sale, you could find either a power-retractable or manual-retractable awning. They could be made out of canvas, acrylic, or vinyl. Canvas has been a traditional choice, and it can come in various weights. Cheap used RV vans may have lighter canvas awnings for shade. Heavier canvas can do a good job of withstanding the elements. Vinyl, as a synthetic material, can be made to resist mold, mildew, flames, and water. Acrylic holds its color well, and because it's more breathable, it helps keep the area under it nice and cool.
  • Space-saving beds: Murphy or fold-out beds can be stored when not in use, expanding the living space during the day.
  • Wet bath: Almost all eBay Class B RVs will have wet baths. This refers to the small bathroom that has the toilet and shower, which is not separated into a different space. Handheld shower heads are convenient to have, as is a small storage area that will release the stream of water while you're taking a shower.
Who makes Class B Motor homes?

There are many companies in the field, such as:

  • Airstream
  • Coachmen
  • Leisure Travel Vans
  • Safari Condo