Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers Are a Great Way to Celebrate Many Types of Events

There is nothing more evocative of holiday fun than opening a Christmas cracker at a special event. Holidays, events, and other occasions are made memorable by this most traditional manner of celebration. You can easily find all sorts of affordable new or preowned Christmas crackers for sale on eBay.

Are there multiple holidays and occasions for Christmas crackers?

The term 'Christmas cracker' is a general term for tube-shaped noisemakers that are usually associated with the Christmas holiday but are often used for many other holidays and special occasions. You can find crackers for sale on eBay that celebrate Thanksgiving, New Year's Day, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, and other similar events.

Available themes of Christmas crackers

Christmas crackers can be decorated in all manner of themes for all of the occasions they represent. Some typical themes you will often see on crackers are Christmas themes, animals, flowers, cartoon characters, movie characters, hearts, ballerinas, football, trolls, outer space, trains, and many others.

Who makes Christmas crackers?

There are many companies that sell Christmas crackers. These are some well-known brands of holiday crackers you will see for sale on eBay:

  • Sephora - Sephora sells a cracker that has a collection of travel-sized Jo Malone London's colognes: Red Roses cologne, English Oak body wash, and Lime Basil & Mandarin hand crème.
  • Papersource - This company has cute Christmas-themed crackers that come with a toy, a joke, and a party hat.
  • Pudding Lane - Pudding Lane makes an assortment of Christmas crackers that are in themes of Santas, candy, tartans, Big Ben, and many others. They usually contain a paper crown, a small gift, and a motto or joke.
  • The British Food Depot - This company make Tom Smith Christmas crackers that are traditional crackers with a paper hat, a joke, and a small gift or candy.
  • Nordstrom - The L'Occitane Holiday Crackers Set from Nordstrom is full of beauty products like shea butter and hydrating shower oil.
How Christmas crackers are constructed

Christmas crackers are usually made with cardboard tubes, tissue paper, wrapping paper, and plastic. They contain a chemically treated strip of paper inside a cardboard tube that makes a snapping noise when both ends of the cracker are pulled. Common gifts inside the crackers are a paper crown or tissue party hat, a small gift or novelty item, a joke or riddle, a friction-activated popping device, and a piece of candy.