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Chip and Pepper Women's Jeans

Chip and Pepper are identical twins from Canada who starred on television before releasing a clothing line. Their line of jeans for women come in different washes and sizes with both casual and upscale styles.

What sizes are available?

Look at the sizes available and compare those measurements to your own. Chip and Pepper make jeans that come in sizes 24 through 32. You can compare measurements for each pair.

  • Size 24: Designed for those with a lower waist measurement of 23.75 inches and a hip measurement of 33.5 inches.
  • Size 26: Fits those with a low waist measurement of 26.75 inches and a hip measurement of 35.5 inches.
  • Size 28: Works with wearers who have a hip measurement of 37.5 inches and a lower waist measurement of 28.75 inches.
  • Size 30: Created to fit a wearer with a hip measurement of 39.5 inches and a lower waist measurement of 30.75 inches.
  • Size 32: Will fit a maximum waist measurement of 32.75 inches and a maximum hip measurement of 44.5 inches.
What is denim wash?

Wash is a term that refers to the actual color of the denim that Chip and Pepper use for a particular style. A light wash is often a shade of light blue. Chip and Pepper dark wash jeans are much darker and can appear almost black or purple. You'll also find a medium wash that walks the line between the two shades. Chip and Pepper uses white and colored washes as well. Some colors may need washing before wearing.

What are some of the different styles?

Chip and Pepper women’s jeans include boot cut, flared, and straight leg styles. Bootcut is a type of denim designed for wearing over tall shoes. These pants flare out slightly around the ankles to accommodate a pair of boots. Flared designs are much wider around the ankle. Straight leg pairs are, as the name implies, perfectly straight. The denim is the same width around the knee as at the ankle. Chip and Pepper also make skinny jeans. These pairs have a tighter fit that you can wear inside a pair of boots. Skinny pairs may have some elastic mixed in with the denim too.

What lengths are available?

Capri and cropped pants are pairs where the material stops above the ankle. Some end just below the knee and others between the knee and ankle. Boyfriend jeans are those designed for women but made to fit like a pair for men. These have a slouchier fit and often end above the ankle. Some come with rolled hems. Chip and Pepper makes designs with distressed embellishments and worn-in detailing as well.

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