The cello is one of the quintessential pieces of a string orchestra. With low, baritone sounds, it adds a dramatic sound to any musical symphony. This instrument is frequently paired with the violin, and they are similar to play, though much different in size.

What is a cello? 

A cello is one of the most common instruments in a string orchestra. The cello is regarded as easier to learn than larger instruments such as the bass, but is still much larger than the violin. Like other stringed instruments, this one is played with a bow across strings. Cellos are tuned an octave lower than the violin, and are played in the low-pitched bass clef instead of the high treble clef. Because it is smaller than the bass, cellists usually play this instrument while seated.

What kind of wood are cellos made of?

Most of these instruments are made with spruce or maple. Ebony is often used for the fingerboard and tuning pegs. Occasionally, they are made with carbon fiber, aluminum, or other synthetic materials.

 What accessories should a beginner cellist buy?

  • Bow - While this instrument can be played using the pizzicato string plucking technique, most musicians opt to use a bow. A good bow is made of authentic horsehair, though some less expensive bows use a synthetic material.
  • Rosin - Rosin is imperative to preserve friction on the bow, creating a nice smooth sound and preventing awkward squeaking noises.
  • Tuner - An electric tuner can help to make sure the instrument stays on key. As the beginner musician becomes more familiar with their music, they may eventually be able to tune by ear, but at first it is a good idea to have an electric tuner.
  • Music Lessons - With your first cello, you should consider buying some simple music lessons to teach you how to play. This is the best way to get acclimated to playing a student cello. There may be free resources available online, but there are also a number of lesson materials available for purchase.

 How big is a cello?

The smallest available instrument is 1/10 size that is only 29.5 inches in length. This is well suited for very young children who are getting a jump on their musical careers. For adults buying their first cello, a full-size 48-inch model is recommended. Because of their large size, musicians typically sit while playing their new cello, using a built-in endpin at the bottom to prop it up.