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Important Facts to Know When Choosing a Screen Digitizer for an HTC Device

A replacement digitizer can come in handy if you have broken or damaged the original one that came with your HTC smartphone. It's possible to locate, purchase, and install a new digitizer on your own once you understand what's involved. Before you go through the process of replacing this part on your HTC, there are a few things you should know.

What is a screen digitizer?

A digitizer is the hardware attached to the glass screen that protects the LCD and converts the physical touch from your finger into codes that can be read and understood by your phone. The LCD is the part of the screen that produces the light and picture that you see. The reason that a glass screen must cover the LCD is so that is can be protected from damage.

How do you know what needs to be replaced?

Trying to figure out what is actually broken on your device can be tricky. Essentially, you need to figure out whether the touch-screen digitizer is broken or if the LCD is. If only the touch-screen digitizer is broken, it means that the glass covering will be cracked but the light and picture will still be produced. If the picture is not being shown or if there is no light at all, it means the LCD needs repair. You also have the option to replace only the digitizer or the entire front (LCD, digitizer, and phone frame) at once by buying the entire package.Will a replacement screen affect the picture quality?

Many people who consider buying replacement screens for their phones wonder whether they will decrease picture quality. Simply replacing a screen will not affect the quality at all. Since the LCD is the part that produces the light, replacing its glass covering will not change the resolution that you see.

How do you put a new screen on an HTC?

The process of replacing a broken touch screen on an HTC phone is simple and estimated to take about half an hour. To begin the process, follow these steps:

  1. After turning the battery off, removing the cracked touch-screen display is the first step in the process. The display is sealed onto the HTC with glue. In order to release the glue, you will need a heat gun. Run the heat gun along the edges of the old display. Using a plastic pry tool, lift the edges of the old display. After you remove the old touch-screen digitizer, you must make sure not to touch the LCD so it doesn't pick up oil from your finger.
  2. After the old display has been pried up, the touch-screen digitizer will still be connected by wires. These wires need to be removed from the phone so that you can completely remove the old touch screen. During the process, be sure to keep track of all of the wires that you unplug. You will need to put them all back in the same places after the new display is ready.
  3. After the old digitizer has been removed from your HTC, put the new one on. Simply plug the cords into their original spots and press the screen back onto the glue. Using the heat gun, reheat and reseal the glue.
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