Extend Your Cell Phone's Storage with Cell Phone Memory Cards

With the increase in the availability of apps, music, movies, and high-quality cameras on your cell phone, it can be easy to use most of the space in your phone, leaving you wishing you had more. Purchasing cell phone memory cards from eBay is an easy and cost-efficient way to expand the amount of space available on your phone so that you can do more while saving more.

Can you use cell phone memory cards in any phone?

Memory cards used in cell phones are usually microSD cards and are substantially smaller than any camera or computer SD card. These cards can be used on most Android phones, and you can put them in the designated SD card slot found on the side or bottom of the phone making it easy to add or upgrade your phone's original storage. If the SD card slot is not on the outer frame of the phone, it may be hidden underneath the battery on the back of the phone.

How much cell phone memory cards can hold

Using a cell phone memory card can extend the amount of memory on your phone by almost if not double the amount of memory built into the device. Most cell phone memory cards will add from 4 GB all the way up to 32 GB of additional storage space to your phone. With 32 GB of extra storage, you can add 8192 photos, thousands of songs, or hundreds of apps. By moving many files like photos or documents from your phone's original built-in storage to the new memory card and extending space, you can create a more productive environment on your cell phone and get more use out of your device.

  Are cell phone memory cards interchangeable between phones?

Cell phone memory cards, or SD cards, can be taken from an old phone or a different phone and wiped out to be put into a new one if you plan to change phones in the future. You can also use a new cell phone memory card solely to save files from your old phone to put onto a new device if you are only looking for a method to exchange files. When you take your memory card from one phone to the other, the files saved onto that card will remain. Unless you reformat the card and delete them, you can access those files on your new device.