Cell Display: LCD Screens Parts for iPhone 8 Plus

Find Out How to Buy LCD Screens for iPhone 8 Plus

If you’ve ever dropped your iPhone 8 Plus, you know that a cracked or broken screen can affect the function of the device. When that’s the case, an iPhone 8 Plus screen is one possible solution. It can help you get the phone up and running again without the expense of a new device.

Features of the iPhone 8 Plus LCD

Whether you’re buying a new or used iPhone 8 Plus screen on eBay, look out for the following features:

  • Retina display: The iPhone 8 Plus is designed with Apple’s Retina HD display. This technology uses a high-pixel density that makes it impossible to see the individual pixels; this creates detailed, high-quality images.
  • FaceTime camera opening: Each iPhone 8 Plus features a FaceTime camera that faces you. Make sure that the replacement screen features a top opening for this camera.
  • Water-resistant sealing: The iPhone 8 Plus is water-resistant when it’s dropped in water of up to 1 meter deep for periods of time up to 30 minutes. The iPhone 8 Plus LCD screen you choose determines whether or not your phone retains this functionality.
Are new or preowned iPhone Plus replacement screens one-size-fits-all?

While the screens for the iPhone 6 Plus and 7 Plus are the same size as an iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement, they are not interchangeable. The iPhone 6 Plus features connectors that extend from the top of the screen. Screens for the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus, on the other hand, have connectors that are located on the lower half of the right side. They look identical — however, the 7 Plus screen features small differences that are incompatible with the 8 Plus. Before buying an iPhone 8 Plus screen on eBay, make sure it’s device-specific.

Items that are included in an affordable iPhone 8 Plus screen replacement kit

Every kit is different, but some of the parts and pieces that are commonly included are:

  • Home button: This is the button that sits at the lower center of the screen. Some iPhone 8 Plus replacement screens come with this button, which is handy if your current one is cracked or broken.
  • Touchscreen: This is the screen itself; it’s made up of the exterior glass panel, the digitizer, and the LCD. Most replacements include all three pieces as a single unit.
  • Tools: These tools are specially designed to help you remove the old screen and install the replacement. They might include pry tools, screwdrivers, and suction cups.
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