Caterpillar offers shoes and clothes for both men and women. Their shoes and boots are categorized as work boots or casual. Some of their shoes include the steel toe work boot, the men’s threshold work boot, and the men’s Alaska work boot.

What are the different footwear styles CAT offers for men?

The different CAT styles offered include boots, chukkas, sneakers, slip on, shoes, hikers, and Wellingtons. There are 6-inch and 8-inch boots offered as well. The CAT shoes and boot collections are usually designed for either work or casual wear. Colors include black, blue, brown, and gray. You can also find options in gold, green, orange, red, tan, and white.

Does CAT offer footwear options for women?

Some of the different styles available for women include boots, sneakers, slip ons, shoes, fashion, and Wellingtons. Caterpillar has 6-inch boots and 8-inch boot options available for women as well. There are a number of colors offered, including purple, pink, black, blue, and brown. White, tan, red, and gray are also available for a number of different shoes and boots. Most of the shoes and boot options available for women are designed for casual wear. Caterpillar also offers sandals like the women’s Mystic sandal or the women’s Alma sandal.

What are the steel boot features offered on CAT footwear?

Many of the selections offered by Caterpillar come equipped with either a soft toe, a steel toe, or a composite safety toe. CAT offers close to 50 different models reinforced with a steel toe. The composite safety toe feature is available on more than 30 different models. The soft toe is used on nearly a dozen different models offered.

The men's steel boot is available from size 7 to 16, in black, blue, brown, gold, gray, and orange. Some of the top-rated selections in this category include the Indiana 2.0 steel toe work boots, the Pelton steel toe work boots, the Outline steel toe work boots, and the Convex mid steel toe work boots.

What are other special features offered on CAT footwear?

There are over 50 Caterpillar models labeled as waterproof and nearly 100 models labeled as slip-resistant. Some selections include the Founder waterproof boot, the Control 8" Waterproof TX Composite Toe work boots, and the Threshold waterproof steel toe work boots.

More than a dozen models are insulated and a select few are labeled as puncture-resistant. More than 70 selections come equipped with an electrical hazard and a few boots offer the metatarsal guard. Some of the different technologies Caterpillar uses on these includes ERGO, SRX, Flexion, VisiFlash, and Ultra Duty.

What sizes does CAT offer for men and women?

The sizes for Caterpillar men typically range from 5 to 16. The half-sizes are available from 5 to 11.5. Women's sizes typically range from 5 to 11. The half-size are available from 5 to 9.5. The width sizes available for both genders are medium and wide.

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