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Catalytic Converters for GMC Jimmy

As a crucial part of your GMC Jimmy's exhaust system, the catalytic converter sometimes needs replacement over time. In order to keep your GMC engine in perfect running order, it is important to understand what a catalytic converter is and when to replace it. There are a number of issues to consider.

What is a catalytic converter?

In most cars like the GMC Jimmy, the Flowmaster catalytic converter, which looks like an engine muffler, sits right between the muffler and the engine. A converter like the Flowmaster "scrubs" the harmful exhaust emissions that come from your car's engine and turns them into harmless emissions. In your GMC's Flowmaster catalytic converter, the bad exhaust from the engine passes into the interior of the converter, which looks like a filter. The Flowmaster filter is coated with platinum or with palladium. These elements rearrange the carbon monoxide molecules in your GMC Jimmy's exhaust, changing those molecules into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

When do you need to replace your catalytic converter?

Your Flowmaster converter will last a while, but not forever. In many states, a car is not street-legal if this part has been removed. To keep your GMC Jimmy's engine and emissions system in good order, here are some signs to look for.

  • The check engine light comes on: Many vehicles' engine sensors detect problematic emissions. If the exhaust contains unburned fuel, oil, or other fluids, these emissions may be a sign that your Flowmaster catalytic converter may be damaged or there may be problems elsewhere in the exhaust system.
  • Your vehicle doesn't pass the exhaust check: If your vehicle does not pass the emissions test, this could indicate that the converter may be in need of repair. In many states, this could lead to a delay in having a street-legal car.
  • Your vehicle does not accelerate: This is obviously a major performance issue likely caused by failure of the catalytic converter and requires immediate attention.
Why does the catalytic converter stop working?

Just as dust and particles clog the filter in your vacuum cleaner and make it operate inefficiently, exhaust emissions clog your converter, especially if you have used leaded gasoline. A clogged converter will typically affect your vehicle's performance, especially its ability to accelerate or climb hills. Essentially, a clogged converter isn't allowing the car to "breathe", and this will impair its ability to process fuel into energy.