Buying a Cat Wheel Toy for Your Favorite Feline

If you have a kitty who has plenty of energy to spare, a new or used running cat wheel can be beneficial to give him an exercise outlet while allowing to have some fun in the process. Just like exercise is great for humans, it's good for pets as well. Should you think that the cat toy might be right for you and your favorite feline, the following information could help you make an informed decision before making a purchase.

In what colors can you find a cat exercise wheel?

You can find them in a surprising number of colors on eBay, so it's easy to choose one that complements the decor in the room you plan on keeping the toy in. Some shades of the toy include the following:

  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
Do you have to assemble the cat exercise wheel?

Chances are you will have to assemble the cat toy, but there are instances where you may be able to get the item already put together. Should you have to put the toy together yourself, instructions will likely be included so you can easily follow them and have your pet running on the wheel in no time. If you have any specific questions regarding assembly of the cat toy, you can reach out to the manufacturer who can provide you with specific instructions for the item. Whether you're putting the toy off to the side of the room or towards the middle of it, it's best to do the assembly where your pet is going to be running on it so you won't have to move it around once you're finished.

How do you clean the cat exercise wheel?

How you're to clean the cat exercise wheel may vary from one product to the next, but usually the cleaning process is relatively easy. All you will likely have to do is use a cloth and a pet-safe cleaning product to clean the toy, but before reaching for those products, check the instruction manual to see if there is a specific cleaning method that should be done for that particular wheel to ensure that your pet is safe and the process is done correctly.

How is the cat exercise wheel powered?

This particular type of cat toy usually won't require any plugs or batteries, but instead operates by your cat running on it. This can be great for cost-saving purposes as there's no need to buy batteries. It can also be beneficial considering your cat can get his exercise and use the toy whenever he wants, including when the power goes out.