Cat Scratching Trees

When Kitty's Happy, Everybody's Happy

It's not likely that you've ever had to retrieve your Golden Retriever from atop the refrigerator, but if you are a cat owner you've likely had to retrieve your feline from high perches within your home. The cat tree, also known as the kitty condo, is designed along a vertical rather than a horizontal plane. The cat creativity enrichment provided by the designs of the many cat trees available on eBay is impressive. eBay has a massive assortment of kitty cat condos and cat perch designs that will make your cat worship you.

What is the difference between a cat tree and a kitty condo?

Relatively speaking, a cat tree and a kitty condo are basically the same things. The distinction between the two is primarily a difference in semantics. Condo makes reference to the flat resting areas and/or enclosures that exist on almost all cat trees whereas cat tree is basically a metaphor that demonstrates a vertical structure that allows cats to watch out over their "domain."

What materials are cat domains made of?

Almost all cat trees appear to be plush carpeted, but some may be covered in indoor/outdoor carpeting. Here are some more common materials that these feline-fascinating trees are composed from:

  • Wooden base: Almost all designs start with a wooden base, although some contain high-grade particleboard or weed tree.
  • Polyester wool cloth or flannelette: Many use polyester wool cloth or flannelette on some surfaces.
  • Sword Rope: Sword Rope is often used for scratching enticement.
  • Woven Wicker and lambs wool: Woven Wicker and high-grade lambs wool both induce scratching and comfy napping.
  • Cushion and sisal rope: There are some higher-end trees that are composed almost entirely of wood with accommodating cushion and sisal rope.
What are some advantages to owning a cat tree?

As aforementioned, cats live in more of a vertical world than in a horizontal world like we do. Here are some of the reasons cat trees/kitty condos are practical accommodations for your feline friend:

  • Prevents feuding: If you own multiple cats, the vertical hierarchy actually helps prevent feuding between your felines; hence, your more dominant cat can physically be situated above the other cats.
  • Haven for the timid: A cat tree can be a haven for a timid cat or a cat that is frightened of unknown humans. A sofa might bear the scents of other people and pets.
  • Surveillance: A cat tree/kitty condo is a special structure that can keep your feline friends focused in an area that allows elevation and surveillance close to ceiling height so they can watch over their "domain."
  • Scratching posts: The cat trees have scratching posts that encourage your kitties to use them, thereby protecting your lovely furniture.