Choosing Cell Phone Cases, Covers, and Skins for iPhone 8 Plus

A case, cover, or skin is essential for protecting your iPhone 8 Plus from bumps, falls, spills, and other everyday hazards. Whether you need a hardshell cover for lasting durability, a skin for form-fitting visual appeal, or a wallet case for ample storage, you can find an affordable iPhone 8 Plus case on eBay.

What features do iPhone 8 Plus cases include?

Most cases for the iPhone 8 have tight sleeves or frames you can snap around your device for a snug fit. They typically feature holes for access to ports and easy use of the screen. Some cases have kickstands to help you take steady pictures, screen protectors to keep your screen scratch-free, and fold-out flaps so you can store as many personal items as you please. Cases and covers often come with extra conveniences, such as shockproof and water-resistant construction for sturdiness, holsters and belt loops for convenient access, mirrors for quick touch-ups, magnetic clasps for seamless opening and closing, and zippers for extra security.

Considerations when choosing an iPhone 8 Plus case

When picking any new or used iPhone 8 Plus case eBay sells, it's a good idea to take these factors into account:

  • Construction: Phone cases, covers, and skins are made from a wide array of materials, including cloth, vinyl, gel, silicone, matte leather, folio leather, tempered glass, carbon fiber, and more. Hardshell and heavy-duty cases provide extra protection from falls while lightweight and form-fitting skins make storing your phone easy.
  • Look and Feel: Cases for the iPhone 8 Plus come in solid colors and bold designs. Some case designs include checkered, bling glitter, leopard print, camo, and polka dot. Some cases feature illustrations of landscapes or sleek iconography. Many phone cases and skins also have fun textures, including cloth, sequins, scales, and embossing.
  • Amenities: Some cases have heat dissipation holes to help the phone last, and others feature armbands to make exercising with your phone easy. In addition, some iPhone 8 Plus cases have storage units that detach for your convenience.

What are some brands that make iPhone 8 Plus cases?

Here are some of the companies that make cases, covers, and skins for the iPhone 8 Plus:

  • Apple: Apple makes highly versatile iPhone 8 Plus cases in just about any form factor, including wallet cases and transparent silicone covers.
  • Otterbox: Designed for toughness, many Otterbox cases are heavy-duty and water-resistant.
  • Kate Spade New York: Boasting a rich assortment of visual styles, this brand makes cases that serve as fun personal statements.
  • Other: Many other companies make stylish iPhone 8 Plus cases, such as LifeProof, Speck, Spigen, Michael Kors, and Wildflower.

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