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Cartier Fine Jewelry

Cartier was founded in 1847 in Paris, France, by Louis-François Cartier. The company specializes in fine jewelry. Precious gems like diamonds and sapphires and precious metals like gold and platinum are found in pieces by Cartier.

What kinds of jewelry does Cartier make?

The types of jewelry Cartier makes are:

  • Rings: The styles of rings include the diamond solitaire, which features a single diamond on a band, to the Panthere collection. This collection incorporates a jewel-encrusted panther in each piece.
  • Necklaces: Cartier necklaces are often made of diamonds or chains of precious metal. Collections include Panthere and Juste Un Clou.
  • Bracelets: Cartier bracelets are often bangles. These are stiff bracelets that usually do not have clasps, though some have hinges. Many bangles are solid and need to be slipped over the hand to wear on the wrist.
  • Earrings: Cartier earrings come as dangle earrings or hoops. Collections include the Fauna and Flora collection and the Cactus collection.
  • Brooches: Cartier brooches feature birds or flowers. They are well represented in the Fauna and Flora collection.
  • Watches: Cartier watches are made for both men and women. Men’s watches often have leather bands, while women’s watches are often adorned with diamonds.
What materials does Cartier use for their jewelry?

Cartier uses different types of gold. They include:

  • Rose gold: This is gold alloyed with copper to give it a rosy glow.
  • White gold: This is gold alloyed with white metal.
  • Yellow gold: This is gold alloyed with copper to make it resemble solid gold.

Gold needs to be alloyed with another metal to wear as jewelry because pure gold is too soft. Sometimes, white, yellow and rose gold are used in the same piece of jewelry.

Cartier uses steel to make its watches, though gold watches are also available.

Platinum, a bright, silvery metal, is also used for Cartier pieces. Platinum does not need to be alloyed with another metal to make it strong, though it may have a protective plating of rhodium, another white metal.

Sterling silver is also used for Cartier jewelry. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper alloy.

The most frequently used gemstone is the diamond. Other gemstones include:

  • Emeralds
  • Amethysts
  • Pearls
  • Moonstones
  • Rubies
  • Garnets
  • Aquamarines
  • Onyx
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