Carpet Tiles

Update Your Home's Decor with Cheap Carpet Tiles

Whether you are replacing old carpet or switching over from your old flooring style, stylish cheap carpet tiles are a viable option for your home. No matter what color you are looking for, you will find a wide array of affordable carpet tiles for sale on eBay.

What types of cheap carpet tiles are available for sale online?

Carpet tiles for sale offer you ease of installation, durability, and design flexibility. They come in three main types: hardback, closed-cell cushion backing, and open-cell cushion backing. In addition, you will find several options for indoor, commercial, outdoor, or loop carpet tiles.

  • Hardback - Carpet fibers are woven through a thin layer of PVC. They tend to retain their shape well because of this feature.
  • Closed-cell cushion backing - Carpet fibers are woven through a layer of padding below plastic backing. This helps to lengthen the life of the carpet tiles.
  • Open-cell cushion backing - This carpet backing springs back after compression. This provides better protection against wear and tear.
Essentials to know about cheap carpet tiles

Carpet tiles offer various types of adhesive. Some have volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and some carpet squares for sale use adhesive that does not have VOCs. The type of adhesive you need to install cheap carpet tiles depends on the subfloor moisture level. Higher moisture levels can cause the adhesive to eventually breakdown.

You will also find carpet tiles for sale with adhesive tabs, tape, or dots. A small amount of adhesive is used to adhere carpet tiles down. These can add to the amount of labor because you need to remove the backing of each tab.

You may also find carpet tiles that use a high-friction coating as adhesive. Carpet tiles may be lifted up and put down elsewhere with some ease. This may be a good choice if you expect to change the design.

What brands make cheap carpet squares?

You will find a wide range of brands in carpet tiles for sale on eBay. If you are looking for used gray carpet tiles, some well-known makers are FLOR, Flooringinc, Balta, and Chilewich. You will also find a wide selection of cheap carpet tiles from IKEA, Dean Flooring Company, Triluc, Trafficmaster, Mohawk, and Milliken. You may want to determine first if you want a solid color or a geometric, novelty, striped, or linear design. Some companies are focused on particular carpet designs.