Take In A Football Game With Carolina Panthers Sports Tickets

Since 1995, the Carolina Panthers have battled rivals across the league. Each season over 75,000 pack the Bank of America Stadium when the Charlotte-based team plays at home. Seats to home games get you close to the action as you cheer on the Panthers as they face off against opponents like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and others with tickets available on eBay.

Facts about Bank of America Stadium

Located in the uptown district of Charlotte, this open-air, natural grass stadium is clad in the Panthers team colors. The exterior features a black obsidian granite fascia, blue windows, and silver domes. A pair of 8-foot bronze panthers appears ready to attack their prey at each of the three main entryways. The interior features 75,523 seats, and escalator bays to take fans to the upper levels. Other interesting features include:

  • Audio system - The audio system is equipped with 874 speakers that use ¾ of a million watts of power.
  • Video boards - The video boards stand nearly 56 feet tall and over 198 feet wide.
  • Press box - The Charlie Dayton press box sits on the 50-yard line of the 400-level and has 11 broadcast booths.
  • Camera sites - The stadium has 26 pre-wired camera sites.
  • Grass - The playing surface is made of hybrid Bermuda grass.
Available seating options

This stadium was specifically designed for football, so fans experience the magic of the Panthers regardless of where they sit. The stadium has three levels with five sections: lower (sections 100 and 200), upper (section 500), and club-level (sections 300 and 400). Tickets in each of these sections can be sound on eBay. Options include:

  • Section 100 - These low-level seats are elevated for maximum viewing. The first row of seats is about 50 feet from the sidelines and 20 feet from the end zone. For tickets on the Panthers sideline, search for tickets in sections 130-133. The visitor's sideline seats are in segments 110-113.
  • Section 200 - This mid-level seating offers views from the end zone.
  • Section 300 - Club-level seating options are available on both sides of the field in section 300. Fans with these tickets enjoy TVs throughout an enclosed climate-controlled concourse, as well as exclusive dining options. For a sensational view of the 50-yard line, opt for seats in sections 315 and 316 on the visitorâÿs side, as well as sections 343 and 344 on the Pantherâÿs side.
  • Section 400 - Between level 300 and 400 there are 151 luxury suites. These 12-44 capacity suites feature three rows of seats, a lounging area, and private restrooms.
  • Section 500 - Upper-level seats provide an aerial view of the game. If you want to look downfield, grab a seat in areas 526-530. Youâÿll have a head-on view of the scoreboard to watch replays.
What kind of food is available at the stadium?

The stadium has 412 food stations loaded with fan favorites, one of which is the gourmet hot dog stand. Creative toppings include macaroni and cheese. Other choices include hamburgers, pizza, nachos, fries, and ice cream. Guests with sophisticated palates enjoy an assortment of unique options. One particularly popular one is the Hog Molly âÿ an 8-ounce beef brisket smoked over pecan wood and topped with sliced jalapeno peppers and bacon on a Kaiser roll.

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